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Hoshontomba Jul 2016
Celebrate your corporate-create version
of this holiday as you have your break from work -
you deserve a day off from your grind -
but don't
talk about how great America once was.


Don't talk about how this "represents"
"for everyone"

It doesn't.

and blue
for the blood of my people
the skin of our invaders
and Creator weeping while watching
the sky so vast above us.

and blue
to distract you from the events...
the genocide,
the slavery
that led you to the freedom you have today;
patriotism like a blindfold over your not-so-kind eyes.

Remember those in mourning
over the many great losses Native tribes
& nations
have experienced
in the name of freedom.

This so-called once great nation
was built
on the graves of my people,
the backs of another
and still we cannot mourn without words -
slurs -
like redskin and squaw and ***** and savage
the list goes on
being thrown our way.

For choosing not to participate
or celebrate
the genocide of our own
the enslavement of others
the harassment and murders and hate
of people of color
all in the name
of stealing this land,
we are deprived of our right
to grieve in peace.

So what is freedom
if not given to all?
Think about that instead of the beer
in your back yard;
think about that while we smudge
while we honor our veterans.

Just let us mourn.
This is a rough second draft! On the inclusion of slurs, there are many worse, but these are the most common that I see/am called.
Hoshontomba Jun 2016
Native faces
White places
Blank spaces
People stay trying to change us
& break us
D i s t o r t i o n
E r a s u r e
Hide the past, force assimilation
it just never ends
Hoshontomba Mar 2016
i.** cool waters flowing
winding rivers caress skin
famed trees surrounding

ii. birds sing their sweet songs
the great spirit watching over
calm silence fills me

iii. sunflowers for days
overwhelming happiness
the land is my home

iv. rocks under soft feet
fast currents, nature's music
blue skies far above

v. pink sunrises greet day
horizon, through and over
the land it so loves

vi. but images fade
to the city, this is dead
true heartache is born
2nd place winner in a poetry contest~
Genre: Fairy Tale // Theme: River
Hoshontomba Oct 2015
it was s p r i n g
but it felt like a u t u m n

too nervous
to drink my coffee

but you were too nervous
not to,
too nervous
to leave it sit,
too nervous
to let your hands be empty

it was spring
but it felt like autumn


a l i g h t breeze
and then your lips
so soft and g e n t l e


it was spring
but it felt like autumn

mobile ringing
a reminder of the night
coming t o a c l o s e

a reminder
i g n o r e d
while your fingers
ignited like fire
caressing my skin

i t was spring

but it f e l t like autumn

it felt like f o r e v e r

t   i   m   e   l   e   s   s

e     n     d     l     e     s     s

as i pulled
your lips
to mine
it felt too good to be true.
and it was.
Hoshontomba Oct 2015
Eloquent words
from the mouth of a man

make it hard not to notice the
o f h i s f a c e

As fibres stretch and pull to form
a smile

Or while brows knit together.

It is everything I can do to hold off the

Under my skin –

The burning

To reach

Or lean in closer.

The scent of his cologne simulating a false distance
Between us.

Twitching in my topmost disc urges me over,


C l o s e r.

With each minuscule

Of the tissue lining the very tip of my spine

I find myself unable to maintain
The position that I have.

Giving in to the abductor that had been
y e a r n i n g

a w a y ,

My neck twists
To the right
While my conscious mind

U r g e s

The adductor to take over.
Fibres – thin pieces that form muscle and nerve // Disc – round, flat cartilage between back bones // Abductor – muscle that moves a body part away from normal positioning // Adductor – muscle that moves a body part back to normal positioning
Hoshontomba Oct 2015
Longing to hear your voice

I didn't even dream,
But I'm positive I missed you there too

The thought of holding your hand
Is bliss

I'm a sinking ship because of this

Take my love and run

Can't help but to look for you
In every face I pass

If it were possible for one to fall apart
Like puzzle pieces
Maybe then you could see it

Maybe I could make a home
In my dreams
A series of unfortunate tweets.
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