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“stars are the poetry of the heaven,”
she breathed into my ear
molten magic flowing from her lips

And led me through a vast cosmos
dancing to the tune of time

our footsteps leaving trails of stars
sprinkled across an inky canopy of velvet

Her fingers interlaced between mine,
spilling moonlight
Staining silver on my hands

we moved from day to night
As she pulled me closer to her
Stars tumbling from her sweet silken kisses


i fell

Plummeting down to the earth
Burning constellations in the darkness
The golden ash of stars
Kissing my closed eyelids

And through my tangled eyelashes
I saw asterisms

ce n’était qu’un rêve———
It was all a dream

no, her honey-dusted lips whispered into my ear
It was all a lie.
unfettered depths this ocean mind
****** by clouds and vaulted skies
the broken promise lies beneath
a thickened heap of ugly truth

the cold and unforgiving chide
the beautifully over blessed
they look to god as if to claim
their place among the best

the king of kings the emperor
has left the throne vacant
the driver's seat is purple stitched
and available for rent

but to occupy that lofty place
comes with the heavy price
of self deception corruption
and adoption of the vice

unwillingly it brought me here
then turned around and ran
and left me here beside myself
without a map or travel plan
A lot of water on Earth never gets cold enough to freeze
We are lightning’s dreams divided into thirty beings
The Gods created an immediate opening inside your head
But who can decide why we are afraid to fly
When magic is alive and trying to escape from it's cage
We are in denial of the rage we have yet to face
So you break free of icy bars that keep you chained to your nemeses
We need sunlight and kindness like a child needs it's mother
You were found lying down upon the daisies
Making our love seem as fresh as all these raindrops
Whatever kindness you can imagine
Someone may try to explain away the beauty of it, eventually
But right now I need life to refrain from tantalizing me too frequently
So open my mind for you are already a part of the divine collective
That reminds me to breathe whenever I can't see what's happening in front of me
Or the sparkle of that infinite sky within me
Its true that your lips speak the tenderest of music
But still I choose to remain appreciative of this confusion
I wish you could see this,
That silence is a perfect circle.
if i cannot sing
      and cannot touch
i will prove that
       i can heal myself
through the act
       of healing others
july 11th, 2017.

scribbled truths gleaned
from six years of recovery.

kalica delphine ©
much like the butterflies
i fish from the pool
wings leaden with water
exhausted from the notion
of staying afloat
my journey began the same.
uplifting tiny gossamer stars
from abysmal waters
so i might bestow
one last chance
for us to
f l y
july 11th, 2017.

to the rays of resilience
and the six years of recovery
I walked to harness
such resplendent light.

kalica delphine ©
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