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countingstars Dec 2019
“stars are the poetry of the heaven,”
she breathed into my ear
molten magic flowing from her lips

And led me through a vast cosmos
dancing to the tune of time

our footsteps leaving trails of stars
sprinkled across an inky canopy of velvet

Her fingers interlaced between mine,
spilling moonlight
Staining silver on my hands

we moved from day to night
As she pulled me closer to her
Stars tumbling from her sweet silken kisses


i fell

Plummeting down to the earth
Burning constellations in the darkness
The golden ash of stars
Kissing my closed eyelids

And through my tangled eyelashes
I saw asterisms

ce n’était qu’un rêve———
It was all a dream

no, her honey-dusted lips whispered into my ear
It was all a lie.
countingstars Dec 2019
honey tumbled from her lips
her kisses dusted with powdered sugar
even the stars
at the softest of her silken sighs

— The End —