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jordan 4h
the shadows of the fall
they echo down the hall
like jagged little reminders
of a world we kept in blinders

when the one of all is shattered
his head upon a platter
the river stops to rest
in an ocean of ******

and the moon flies wantonly
embarrassed of the bo tree
and the scrolls fall to the floor
in a burning down bookstore
an abstract mess of words that convey an unnamed feeling that haunts the empty chest of a middle-aged human
jordan 2d
the silken thread that binds me
to the voice of the muse
vibrates with her subtle speech
in a way i can’t refuse

stitching heart and mind
though tenuous and fine
the beauty of this filament
is illumined and divine

and though i’ll never claim it
i will seek it all my days
until at last i’m laid to rest
no more to leave her gaze
feeling grateful for my on-again, off-again connection to the void
jordan 3d
to leave fear behind
like a nightmare
broken by dawn

to live freely
like an unbridled horse
galloping across the plains

to love life
like the sun loves the earth
and the earth loves the moon

to sing and dance
like the wind sings in the trees
and the trees dance in the wind

to see beauty
in every created thing
jordan 4d
she reaches my heart
as she sings her song of light
restoring night-withered spirits
with dawn’s melodious sight
the earth's love is apparent
on mornings like this

and on mornings like this
i am reminded
how proud i am
to be her son
jordan Jan 4
silence creates music
darkness creates light
the good makes the bad
and wrong allows for right

without up there is no down
if we don't die we aren’t alive
a breath in is a breath out
and in departing we will arrive
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