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jordan Feb 1
the things he was running from
were the very first things he packed
and the things he was running toward
were always distant and obscure
but still he ran and ran
until one day, he didn't
one day he stopped
and he fell stagnant
and he died
a living death

and so he ran again
jordan Dec 2023
his sun rose when she opened her eyes
dispelling at last his years of dark night
bringing bright light back into his life

she smiles, his heart sings

her laughter sends his mind dancing
a contagious lightness in her glance
a quiet regality in her stance

his light
jordan Dec 2023
a distant memory
haunts his day dreams
a time when he was young
and learning

a time when he
caused a lizard pain
as he was chasing it
through the small canyon
that was his backyard

although it was unintentional
that poor creature died
and he'll never forgive himself

but he can't feel high and mighty

he eats three pounds of feedlot beef
every single week
and never blinks an eye

he needs to work on that
jordan Dec 2023
some still say
there is only one way
knowing little of the nature
of the sacred destination

they haven't yet seen
the top of the mountain
and that it is approachable
on all sides, from all directions
jordan Dec 2023
he often reached too far
and sometimes lost his balance
but he always caught himself
like it was his greatest talent

but this time it feels different
like he's let go for too long
his recovery is slow
within, he feels withdrawn

the world will keep on spinning
even when he's gone
the important man he thought was
really wasn't all that strong

so he slides into darkness
he won't be missed at all
his broken heart is still
his oblivion has called
jordan Dec 2023
he reached inward
and glimpsed his core
he learned the language
of his own heart

now he authors
his own beautiful world
seeing everything
as gift and art
jordan Aug 2022
tonight my eyes lift
from a darkened valley
to a sunset vibrant
with celestial gold
shining through
blankets of clouds

and it feels like a work
of the finest art
that was painted
just for here
just for now
in colors
just for me
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