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jordan Aug 1
tonight my eyes lift
from a darkened valley
to a sunset vibrant
with celestial gold
shining through
blankets of clouds

and it feels like a work
of the finest art
that was painted
just for here
just for now
in colors
just for me
jordan Jul 20
beauty overlooked

a desert
without cactus
is like a song
without melody
or a dance
without rhythm
or a sky
without cloud
or a death
without life
or a world
without you

you are

the you
of my world
the life
of my death
the cloud
in my sky
the rhythm
of my dance
the melody
off my song
the cactus
in my desert

beauty seen
jordan Jun 24
as i wander through
a grove of ancient pine
the ghost of a ghost
turns her blue head and nods
whispering a haunting melody
that dances on the west wind

and my progress halts
for her song chills my spine
even as it warms my wounded heart
and despite her deadly smile
i know something beautiful
once happened in this place

so it has been, so let it be
Occasionally, while exploring, I come upon a spot that seems to hold the memory of some painful event that once took place. But this time, the place felt joyous, despite the beautiful but toxic larkspur that had taken root in the sandy soil. Unfortunately, blue flowers are as rare as pleasant memories.
jordan Oct 2021
those words i say
loud enough to convince myself
that things will be ok
are breathless hollow echoes
that fall heavily to the floor
like the shed skin of a vibrant life

still i hold them close
like tattered remnants of love letters
that i fold into a lifeless heart
hoping it will spring to brilliant life
and resuscitate my passions
igniting a dream now grown dull

but like the ruins of affluent times
the hopeful words i speak
are simply overtaken and swallowed
by the depth of reality’s indifference
and so my fatigued voice falls silent
and my paper heart crumbles into dust
jordan Oct 2021
euthanized epiphanies
fluttering vacant thoughts
hope's expectation
breaks on waterfall rocks
creation of oblivion
averted sideways glance
stares of isolation
all is happenstance
jordan Sep 2021
under the ruddy and smoke-laden sky
i stare into the sun's almighty eye
and howl into each blood-moon night
fulfilling the depths of my feral birthright
as my heart and my mind declare war
for my beloved dies upon distant shore
but in this, the face of the final grave
i choose to refuse to be a slave
for there is no escape from this vast sea
and i know she will certainly swallow me
as she swallows each sun and every moon
as she swallows each river’s roaring tune
just as she will swallow this raging fire
just as she swallows the billowing spire
for by immersion she baptizes all
and into her womb all will withdraw
for as we are born we all will burn
and as we all burn we all return
set free by the fire of divinity’s motion
consumed by the depth of the eternal ocean

and yet, here i stand

waiting for her
to take my hand
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