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jordan Sep 3
under the ruddy and smoke-laden sky
i stare into the sun's almighty eye
and howl into each blood-moon night
fulfilling the depths of my feral birthright
as my heart and my mind declare war
for my beloved dies upon distant shore
but in this, the face of the final grave
i choose to refuse to be a slave
for there is no escape from this vast sea
and i know she will certainly swallow me
as she swallows each sun and every moon
as she swallows each river’s roaring tune
just as she will swallow this raging fire
just as she swallows the billowing spire
for by immersion she baptizes all
and into her womb all will withdraw
for as we are born we all will burn
and as we all burn we all return
set free by the fire of divinity’s motion
consumed by the depth of the eternal ocean

and yet, here i stand

waiting for her
to take my hand
jordan Aug 27
the notes her hand wrote kindled his fire
and he devoured each secret word
with her scripted craft she unlocked an abyss
too deep for his screams to be heard

and his hunger swallowed him whole
jordan Aug 25
a silver thread ties me to you
stitching us both to the same moon
and bound together by love sublime
we are woven into the fabric of time
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jordan Aug 19
sometimes people are toxic
but since they don't have fangs
their poison must be ingested
and thus their power does wane
for we have the freedom of choice
when blighted words waft our way
to listen and swallow their venom
or simply to walk away
jordan Aug 18
the bones of a poem
ride on the storm
that bellows through
wood-fired red skies
and they rattle all night
but with dawn's light
i release them
as butterflies
jordan Aug 17
his wounded heart wanders
among thorns and sand
blown by swirling currents
through deserted land
he searches for an answer
to a question yet unknown
listening to nature
speak a language of her own
but stillness never settles
on his mind, full of need
his prayer is left unanswered
and his heart is left to bleed
jordan Aug 12
i want to implode
and swallow the things i said
turn back time
crawl into the womb
and never come out again
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