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ForeverNo-One Sep 2016
it took only one word
ForeverNo-One Aug 2016
it all started in year 5
we dated and 3 weeks later we broke up
life went on, we went to secondary school,
at first, it was the same one, then i moved away
i got a new crush, an impossible crush,
a few weeks after my later fantasy left my life,
my ex walked into my dreams.
i fell in love all over again
every time i think of him, my heart and chest aches
every time i think of my latest, my breath catches in my throat.
when i see him, my stomach flips yet nothing happens when i see my ex.
who am i falling for?
this is absolutely true, i chose not to express the names of my crush and ex for reasons of innocence please comment on what to do, as i really am stuck.
ForeverNo-One Jul 2016
Given all the thousands of reasons
Think about all the things in life

Your words were made
Life is full of emotions

No matter what new trick he tried
Our days were numbered

I was your summer
Are my eyes growing weary?

My echo
I close my eyes and go to my happy place

Life can be a holocaust
Please don't ask

I really miss you
I stay hidden away from the world

I just feel so alone
When I'm sad
These are all the first lines to different paragraphs from different poems on HelloPoetry, but I did this before I joined, and therefore I cannot remember who they are by!
ForeverNo-One Jun 2016
tomorrow's the day
i haven't seen them in a year
i can't see their faces clearly
they are going through the Fading

every memory does it
if you don't think about it enough
it starts to get duller
until you forget

only certain memories remain,
those you write down
or talk about often
although, sometimes, you don't have to
ForeverNo-One Jun 2016
I'm over you
Your eyes; your smile; your laugh
I'm over you
Or, I should be.

My friends say you're no good,
My family thinks you're dead
My mother has disowned me
And my father left me stranded.

I know you're bad for me.
Or at least, I think I do
To my eyes, you're just a ****
But to my heart, you're something more.

I'm over you
Your arms; your voice; your hair
I'm over you
Or, I should be.
ForeverNo-One May 2016
So close yet so far
So thin yet so fat
So kind yet so horrible
So pretty yet so ugly
Why are you so contradictory?

So warm yet so cold
So positive yet so negative
So alive yet so dead
So happy yet so sad
Why are you so contradictory?

So tall yet so small
So right yet so wrong
So even yet so odd
So simple yet so complicated
Why are you so contradictory?
I hope this has the desired effect, no it is not about a crush/lover
ForeverNo-One May 2016
Rivers running through my mind
Rivers running through my hair
Rivers running through my life
Making it flow

Rivers running down my body
Rivers running in between my toes
Rivers running to the tips of my fingers
And straight off the edge

Rivers running everywhere
Rivers running through the woods
Rivers running down a hill
Making it all clean
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