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Briar Ren Jan 31
Apart from the isolated confines of my mind,
the warm comfort of your embrace
is the safest place I know.
My thoughts are still my own.
Briar Ren Dec 2018
Your scent lingers
on my pale skin,
and when I inhale
I do not feel the
suffocating weight
of solitude.
For N.
Briar Ren Dec 2018
is the woe I felt
at witnessing the
cruel aftermath
of heartbreak,
and struggling
to mend it.
For N.
Briar Ren Oct 2018
After the heartache,
you will learn that love is both
a blessing and a curse.
Briar Ren Jul 2018
The boy that resides
in the hollow of my mind,

I gave him a name:

Briar Ren Apr 2018
Rapturous bliss
beckons in the guise
of a Swedish Apollo
with plump,
pink lips.
Briar Ren Mar 2018
Despite your indifference,

I do hope that you
shall mourn my silence
when I succumb to
a broken heart.
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