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Sep 2018 · 269
In the End
Ariel Sep 2018
As it has been said a million times before,
It was always you.
Despite the endless parades of partners,
It was always you.
Even in the darkest of times,
Even in the worst of times, in the end?
It was always you.
It didn’t matter how many times you would break
It didn’t matter what I would say
The things that you did kept me awake
For, in the end, love,
It was always you.

I wish you’d known that,
I wish it had been you.
Instead of this paramedic gripping my hand in the dark, telling me to hold on, telling me what to do
Instead of these nameless faces that will, to me, remain forever unknown
It should have been you, dear
It should have been you.
Not a young girl staring at me as she screams and cries
Not a couple having to hide their eyes
You should have been here, love
Yes, you should have been here.

If you really cared
If only you knew
You were the only one who could have stopped it, love,
For, in the end,
It was always you.
I can’t stop writing emo poetry
I’m so ashamed
Also I’m sorry
Sep 2018 · 130
Beautiful Pain
Ariel Sep 2018
You are the knife that sets me free
I can deny the pain but I can't escape
There are things that even you cannot see
Nothing is as it seems, love,
Oh, no--nothing is at all what it seems.

I would go to the ends of the earth, love
I would jump from a moving train
If only it would change your mind
If only you would hold me and never let me go again

I've never known such beautiful pain
It's never been this wonderful and horrible all the same
Why does it hurt so, love?
Why must you make me cry and bleed my heart out this way?

This ache in my chest every time you look at me
The sting in my eyes whenever you're held by someone new
I don't know how to describe it
Only that it feels as though I'm falling for you.
Sep 2018 · 175
Now You See It
Ariel Sep 2018
It hides beneath her skin
It lurks in her mind
It shimmers underneath her smiles and happy times
You can't always see it
But it never, ever leaves

The turbulent thoughts that swirl in a slipstream
They never really disperse
It may seem as though the world is at peace
But to her, it's falling apart at the seams.

How couldn't you see it?
Why didn't you try?
You only saw what you wanted in her
You never noticed the tears she cried
Only if it suited you
Did you hold her close
I hope the thought of it makes you choke.

It was always in the bathrooms at 3 am when everyone else was asleep
When there was no one else in her entire world
When she was so far beyond help, so far gone
She ached over you and it didn't matter
Not in the end
For you, she had her last breath.

Do you see it now?
All of the times where she laughed too hard
Where she smiled too wide
Everything was a lie
How couldn't you see it?

I bet that it's so clear
Now that she's no longer here
I bet you're disgusted with yourself
I hope you choke on the guilt
Because you see it now, don't you?
How the pain was eating her from the inside
How her smiles never reached the deadness in her eyes

Now you see it
When she's gone
You only know how much you cared
After it's been ripped from you, too.

Now you see it
The way she loved you so hard
How her eyes always seemed to find you in a crowded room
The smiles and laughter that was only for you
I hope you choke on the flower petals that she coughed for you
Because, in the end, all of her pain and suffering?
Don't you see?
It was all for you.
To a ******* who doesn't know what he's doing is killing me slowly
Sep 2018 · 70
Just fine
Ariel Sep 2018
The worst part about being me is the days when I hate myself more than words can describe
Talk to me in a couple of days & I'll be just fine, nothing will get in my way
But until that day, I need you to go away & let me hate the way I am
So I can find the way to love myself again.
Jul 2018 · 279
End of All Things
Ariel Jul 2018
Cap is sad, Bucky's down
Nat is crying, Vision is gone
Bruce is nowhere to be found
Star-Lord is screaming, Wanda's weeping,
Okoye hates everything,
Strange is quaking,
Loki may not be dead, no one can tell what was in that trickster's head
Peter says, Mr. Stark, I don't wanna be dead
T'Challa reached for his general, but he was dusted too
Tony says, I'm coming for you
Gamora laughed, she thought he was heartless
But he was heartless in a different way
Red skull thought it was all for naught, saw the error of his ways
Until Thanos coughed and said,
Thor, you should've aimed for the head.
I'm sorry. But not really.
Jul 2018 · 94
Ariel Jul 2018
In der ganzen Welt,
Von allen Menschen, die existieren,
Es gibt niemanden wie dich, keinen,
Du bist einzigartig.

Von allen Blumen,
Von allen Heiligen,
Von jeder Schönheit hier,
Du bist der reinste.
Du bist der Hellste.
Du bist der Liebste.
Transcript of a quickie poem I wrote for a drawing of a bird.
Jul 2018 · 69
Ariel Jul 2018
Someday, my friend
When all of this has passed away
When the night goes still
When all has faded and we're turning gray
I promise I'll still be there, waiting here with you
Laughing along when the skies are dark
In the bright moonlight, fading away
Till our time is done
I will be here, dear
Remembering all of our past.
For, though it has passed,
It shall, in our hearts, remain.
Yes, I shall love you till the rest of my days
Like the sister I never had,
I will protect you from everything I can
Because, love, SlytherPuff is the best recipe for friendship.
When even these mortal coils have cracked and faded away
When they say all is lost
Nothing can bring us down, not when we're together
For, in the end,
You shall always be my best friend.
Jan 2018 · 2.2k
Ariel Jan 2018
Okay, so maybe I'm just a little bit
What's wrong with that?
So I want to keep pictures
So I want to hold things dear
Nothing wrong with that
Nothing wrong at all

So what if the last thing you are
Is sentimental
So what if you're a total *******
So what if I'm just kicking the pavement three steps behind you
It's not like I'm like
Awfully sentimental

You don't like junk
You don't think I think things through
I just wanna jive and be a human bean
You think I'm just too
But what the **** is wrong with being
You know what?
I really don't care that much anymore
You've lost your luster

So what if I'm no longer sentimental
Maybe it was all a show
Maybe neither of us are all that likeable
Maybe we should all just stop being

Maybe we should all be a little more

**** it, but I don't care that I'm
No, not anymore.
Jan 2018 · 86
Ariel Jan 2018
I want to scream,
I want to cry,
But the devils are in the walls
And they make me wanna hide,
Just hide
And sigh

You're all that's left of me
And my broken heart
And I tried so hard
But the devils in the walls are laughing at me
They watch and wait and
I'm helpless to stop them
So I just want to hide.
Jan 2018 · 2.4k
Empire of Dirt/My Hands Hurt
Ariel Jan 2018
This castle of clay is all that remains
Of my empire of sand and glass
I can't explain this unwavering pain
Since you went away
My hands hurt.
The constant migraine of your lost face
Is with me to this day

My hands hurt.
They keep me awake
I cannot take a moment's rest
I must remain, to defend.
Here I stand, in the sand
Against the rain
Against the pain you have left
My castle of clay is all that remains
And I will try to save it to my last breath

My hands hurt.
In the end
All that you spent
Was the love that I freely gave
Surrounded by the dead
I am spent
Like the soldiers you did not send
Save me now,
Don't let me drown here in the rain.

My hands hurt.
The scars you left
Have never changed
It's still an open wound
Standing here defending my land
Protecting my empire of dirt.
Defending my castles of sand and glass.
Still here rebuilding my empire of dirt.
Until the day
(Oh, that blessed day!)
Until the day that my hands
Will no longer
I was inspired by one of the scenes in Logan and by the comic Old Man Logan to create a little diddy that might be Wolverine's anthem as he grows older and the number he's lost increases. Shout out to Hugh Jackman for being such an incredible Wolverine, you will always be my favorite!!
Jan 2018 · 118
Ariel Jan 2018
In all honesty, everything *****.
Nothing went as planned
The **** hit the ceiling all too fast

People hate each other
The planet's dying
Businessmen run the country
More stupidity exists than ever
What else could go wrong?!

Everything seems so genuinely ******
But... honestly?

The world's still spinning,
Marvel's movie streak is still winning,
And my mother is still grinning.

If there are things I can find to live for
If this abrasive ******* cynic can do it
You can, too.
I don't know I should probably be doing my homework instead of ranting randomly but whatever lol
Sep 2017 · 716
Hidden Things
Ariel Sep 2017
Of all the hidden objects in this world,
Of all the unseen things,
Of everything that is unknown,
All I want is to find my place beside someone.

I want to find my one,
My only, my match!
It can't be this hard, and yet
Here I am, alone, again.

I have yet to drown in his eyes
I still need to see his face
I want to know the sound of his voice
I need to feel his kiss.
Where can I find this boy,
The one I have yet to meet
And still I miss?

What have I done to deserve to be alone
I may never know
I cannot fathom this nothingness
That exists within my chest.

This loneliness I can hardly bear.
It's not that I hate being alone,
But only the lonely moments crush me.
When will this sadness end?

I see them in the halls,
Walking in twos and threes
Groups of beautiful people, all together
Existing within their own little worlds,
Unable to see my pain
I wish only one thing, truly.
To have a hand to hold,
A pair of lips to kiss,
A brain to think about, talk to, miss...
And another beating heart that I can love.
Sep 2017 · 134
Universe in Her Hand
Ariel Sep 2017
At first glance, the stone seemed an ordinary thing.
Its surface smoothed with age, the edges and geometric shape seemingly unerring.
It was neither square nor round nor pyramidal, but more closely resembling a trapezoidal figure.
It had lips and valleys, edges and crevices. It was, without further inspection, a simple dark rock.
But, this was no ordinary stone.
If scrutinized, it could be seen...
Millions of shining fragments just beneath the surface, disappearing and appearing, flickering in and out of sight when tilted different ways.
This too could be explained away.
It was only an unrefined piece of blue goldstone, right?
Not so, for it was only upon the closest investigation that its true nature could be seen: when intently inspected, when held in just the right light, it seemed to fill the entire room with stars.
In this light, you held an entire universe in the palm of your hand.
Sep 2017 · 319
Ariel Sep 2017
When all else fails, give me color.

Give me crimson
Give me jade
All the different shades
Give me cerulean
Give me fuschia
Give me pea
Let me be, let me see
All the darks, lights, and in-betweens.

When all else fails, give me color.

Give me the color of the sky;
The darkest blacks to the brightest blues,
The oranges, pinks, I'll take any hue.
Let me sing with the roar of the sea
The colors that feed me, that relieve my strife
Please, let my palette come to life.

When all else fails, give me color

Any little shade, take a few
Even if I lay spent, out of breath
Give me one last lovely color
Just one, that's all;
Any vibrant hue.
Sep 2017 · 130
Ariel Sep 2017
“The rolling sea is gloomy!” The gentlemen cried.
“The tossing waves are bleak!
We should turn back to England,
For we grow feeble, frail, and weak!”

“To me, to me, my soldiers!” Captain Smith replied,
“My faithful servants, do not despair;
Soon we shall be free
From these churning seas!
With her rolling jaws,
Agape her maw,
From her surface we shall not be erased
Nor shall we come to rest in her embrace.”

“All hope is lost, for Davvy Jones we are bound!
What monstrosities shall we arouse?” Master Wingfield said hurriedly.
“We gentlemen beg you to cease
This suicidal journey through the briny deep!”

“We shall continue,” Smith scowled, “Otherwise I shall keelhaul you!
You gentlemen make me sick,
The lot of you wish to quit!
Virginia lies in wait;
Yet, you want to abdicate
The contract we have signed on the dotted line?
For that you shall be bound!”
Sep 2017 · 297
Ariel Sep 2017
Flicker, Flicker,
Little Firefly
Flit about and show us why
Why you dance and sing

Flicker about in the night
Show us the way, show us your light
Illuminate the world around you
Give it beauty, with all of your might

Flicker, Flicker,
Little Firefly
Give the world a new mystique
Show us knights and dragons by the fire
Show us lost souls, empires and creatures
Dimly by the fire

Tell your story, come with me
We shall live together and be free
We shall dance in the pale moonlight on your wings
After the flame has long been snuffed
Even with the changing tides
You shall here remain,
My little Firefly.
Just a cutsie little thing. I imagined an enchanted forest glowing with lightning bugs, magical and beautiful in the summer twilight.
Sep 2017 · 300
Ariel Sep 2017
Why do I sit here
When I know what will happen
Why do I stay
When I know you're not here.
I know there's nothing to fear,
But it doesn't make it easier to tamp it down.

I hear the whispering voice in my head
Telling me lies that fill me with dread
She sounds like me, I know she isn't
She is my anxiety,
And I can't hide inside my own head.

When my hands shake and ache
And my stomach seems to spin
When the world goes blurry
My thoughts churn,
And they win.

My vision begins to tunnel
My breathing is hard and fast
I know panicking is pointless
Worrying is worthless
But it's so overwhelming, a tidalwave of terror that washes over me.

You ask why it's so hard without you here.
I need a grounding light
Something to guide me back
Without something to distract me from myself, I go black.
Without a hand to hold or a voice to cling to, I have lost myself again.

Without kindness, I cannot live.

"Worrying means you suffer twice!"

Easy for you to say,
Yet I live this. Worrying means you suffer more than twice.
Anxiety was never a choice, nor a sign of weakness or frailty.
I am not what I suffer from.
It came because I attempted to be strong enough for everyone.
Jan 2017 · 255
It that Glitters
Ariel Jan 2017
It is not the gold that glitters
Yes, it that hangs about her neck,
Drapes across her chest,
And sits on her bed.
But, it is not the gold that glitters.
Why then, does she have that glow?
How can I know?
How, when I am all alone
Here with my thoughts and this beautiful gold.
Why, it is not the gold that glitters,
No, not at all!
You can see it in her eyes,
That marvelous shine
For it is not the gold that glitters,
But the beauty of her soul.
Dec 2016 · 199
Ariel Dec 2016
It sparkles, it gleams
It covers us completely
It dusts the air we breathe
It lingers in our dreams.

The weight of it as it engulfs us
The glorious, beauteous death
The shining, glowing horror
As our own gold chokes us to death.

Our will to shine
Our own noose, so divine
Why should we leave, when there is so much to be?
We are as we are,
These gleaming corpses
These lovely souls are we.
Nov 2016 · 1.1k
Monarchy of Roses
Ariel Nov 2016
They called us crazy
Mocked the crowns upon our heads + the flowers in our hair
But they really don't know us
They will never care
So we continue our Monarchy of Roses
To hide from our awful despair

Bleeding in wonderful hues
We die together in the stars
Our lavish deaths will be remembered
And we shall wreak havoc from afar.
I don't really know, I was doodling and the top stanza popped into my head. It reminds me of something that might belong in the Hunger Games, like a poem from the Capital.
Nov 2016 · 507
Ariel Nov 2016
Kiss me softly, Necromancer
Hold me tightly, let me die
Feel my breath escape my lungs
Leave me to be with you

Let me feel your touch
Let me feel the cold
It feels so much better
Than they could possibly have told

Death, come quickly
So that I may be
With my lovely Necromancer

Thanatos, embrace me now
Have Nyx fill the night with stars
And bring me home to my one.

Kiss me softly, my Necromancer
'Fore Death steals me away
He is much more lovely
Than I could ever say.
Based on a story I wrote.
Nov 2016 · 262
Ariel Nov 2016
As I sag under the weight of the world
As I cry beneath the stars
I cannot help but wait
For you, love, I'll go far.

You smile in the dark
I can't help but stop
You laugh, to my dismay
We will never be the same.

I die a little more every day
As you seem to slip away
You are near less and less
As I catch you chasing a red dress.

Crimson pools around me
Beautiful, sparkling, dangerous
As my vision begins to fade
You were my only, love
And now I've gone away.

You stand there in shock,
Your face torn in disarray
You stop and stare, love
As my life drains to heaven above
Where I will wait.

You pace around, dressed in black and white,
Clutching her hand, gripping my heart in a vice
As I realise your heart isn't here
No, love...
You have long since gone away.
I don't even know. Idea for a story??? Who knows ;)
Nov 2016 · 404
Perfect Eyes
Ariel Nov 2016
Beautiful, big, blue round eyes
Nothing let out of my sight
I laugh and giggle and play
But it’s all lies.

Blue eyes
You look down
You fail me with your fading gaze
You make me need glasses
As I maneuver through the masses.

Shake the stars from my eyes
In a pleasant surprise
I’m met by big, beautiful saucers of chocolate
That seem to match mine.

Big, blue eyes
Why didn’t you see?
Why didn’t you catch it?
Now, trained on the ground,
Your tears salt the grass, as the world blurs.

Pretty blue eyes
Give me a miracle in disguise
Catch it, hold it tight
Give me something to make my heart soar.

Big blue eyes
You make me unwise
Judging by looks and feel
Nothing worse than our ordeal.

Round sparkly eyes
Why do you deceive?
There’s more to you than you reveal
Yet I can’t let anyone dive deep enough
For they would drown in the darkness beneath.

Sad eyes
Looking away as you leak
Leaving him behind
Never able to look back…
Big, beautiful eyes
You have seen much
You are the windows to my soul
But there is more to you than it seems
A juggernaut in the shadows…

Beautiful blue eyes
You fail me
You fade
You cry
You ail
*You help me fly.
Nov 2015 · 329
Ariel Nov 2015
Sometimes I hate myself for the stupid things I say.
Sometimes I wanna stab you in the face.
Other times I wanna kiss you.
And yet others... I don't think I know you.
Sometimes I have no hope in a hopeless world.
Sometimes I'm flying by Cloud Nine.
Other times I feel so low I might as well be on the other side of the world.
And yet others... I can't stop singing.
Sometimes I can't get enough of you.
Sometimes I can't wait to be alone.
Other times I don't know how we are the same species.
And yet others... I don't know how I live without you.

Those are my happiest times.

The times when I think about how we will never be
and I hate you for existing

Those are my darkest times.
Nov 2015 · 2.0k
Time of the Phoenix
Ariel Nov 2015
As she swirls in the air
She holds dear what she took
Sunlight glinting in her hair
Clutching to her chest the leather bound book
Awaiting the monster to rise to her lair
As he comes to ***** her life,
Intent on his prize
Beneath cool waters he shall hide
Until it is the time
When into her dying eyes
He shall look.
Based on a story I'm writing.

— The End —