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Sep 2018
As it has been said a million times before,
It was always you.
Despite the endless parades of partners,
It was always you.
Even in the darkest of times,
Even in the worst of times, in the end?
It was always you.
It didn’t matter how many times you would break
It didn’t matter what I would say
The things that you did kept me awake
For, in the end, love,
It was always you.

I wish you’d known that,
I wish it had been you.
Instead of this paramedic gripping my hand in the dark, telling me to hold on, telling me what to do
Instead of these nameless faces that will, to me, remain forever unknown
It should have been you, dear
It should have been you.
Not a young girl staring at me as she screams and cries
Not a couple having to hide their eyes
You should have been here, love
Yes, you should have been here.

If you really cared
If only you knew
You were the only one who could have stopped it, love,
For, in the end,
It was always you.
I can’t stop writing emo poetry
I’m so ashamed
Also I’m sorry
Written by
Ariel  20/F
     --- and ---
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