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Sep 2017
Of all the hidden objects in this world,
Of all the unseen things,
Of everything that is unknown,
All I want is to find my place beside someone.

I want to find my one,
My only, my match!
It can't be this hard, and yet
Here I am, alone, again.

I have yet to drown in his eyes
I still need to see his face
I want to know the sound of his voice
I need to feel his kiss.
Where can I find this boy,
The one I have yet to meet
And still I miss?

What have I done to deserve to be alone
I may never know
I cannot fathom this nothingness
That exists within my chest.

This loneliness I can hardly bear.
It's not that I hate being alone,
But only the lonely moments crush me.
When will this sadness end?

I see them in the halls,
Walking in twos and threes
Groups of beautiful people, all together
Existing within their own little worlds,
Unable to see my pain
I wish only one thing, truly.
To have a hand to hold,
A pair of lips to kiss,
A brain to think about, talk to, miss...
And another beating heart that I can love.
Written by
Ariel  20/F
       ---, ester, Julio Salazar, Art, Born and 7 others
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