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Don't leave me loving you
Here alone
***** my finger, at least,
and lull me to sleep
before you go.
Imagining what it'd be like to arrive home after a date.
I'll never find anyone who made me feel like you did. Again.
I'll never love so deep and raw. Again.
I'll always be searching for you again and. Again.
I'll never kiss the way we did. Again.
I'll never make love so passionately. Again.
I'll never compromise myself. Again
I'll never let things unsaid be my undoing. Again.
I'll always try. Again
I'll always want a love so unique. Again.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
There are a few things I could probably never say,
like how the curve of your smile literally
shoots electricity down my spine,
or how your embrace is better than
any prescription a doctor could prescribe.
You are my sun,
and my moon,
and its scary because before,
the stars were like simple string lights,
and now they're cacophonies of light,
that give me hope when I think all dark has descended.
Your power over me is frightening.
It's like I'm walking a tightrope,
and you're a gust of wind.
If I have to fall,
I just pray you'll be there to catch me.
 Mar 2015 Eliza Parker
I'm scared of you but I can't stop loving you...
 Mar 2015 Eliza Parker
**Crushes or
•••don't last
••••this long.
•They're never
••this intense
this strong.
••I am in
••all day
and all night.
•••••moments of
••••••triumph and
•deepest, darkest fright.
•••I see you in all there is,
•••••I see you in everything.
••••••••Living in the present
••••but for the future I'm hoping
•••You calm and get me all riled up
••••••••••••••••at the same time.
••••••••••••You exist in metaphors,
••••••••••••••••••broken sentences
•••••••••••••and time worn rhymes.
•••••••••••••••••You give me life
••••••••••••••and take my breath
•••••••••••away altogether.
•••••••••You hold the key
to my erratic emotional lever.
•••••••••••You fill me full
••••••••••but empty me out
••••You make me want to be
•••••••••••someone else
••••••••as well as being me.
••••••Paradoxes of the heart
•••they can never be quelled.
••••When hopes and odds
••try to be one and meld.
•••••This is how I know
••••••••that this is real.
•••••••••••••I'm truly,
•••••••••madly, deeply
••••••in love with you
•and it's all that I feel.
Stay tuned for "She Said..."

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And I had to walk away
I was just hoping at least he noticed I didn't run
the title is a thought for after the poem
 Mar 2015 Eliza Parker
 Mar 2015 Eliza Parker
o|        |o
o|        |o

•play me a
tune of sweet serenade
•sing me a song of wistful
melody•recite me the words
you would            have said•
now whisper me your sighs
tenderly•paint me the
colours of night and day•write
me the poem of your heart•send me
your love on which I lay•make me the
end to all your starts•strum me the chord
of hopeful bliss•compose me a ballad that
sets my innermost free•so play me your
tune, the one that I would always miss
•and keep singing of us in a song,
so we'd be immortalised in
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