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Elle H Apr 2018
He said, as “words or wisdom” ...
     Don’t dream ... don’t wish...
I say
     Dare to dream and make wishes
     Exercise your imagination
     No one knows the future for it has yet to unfold

He said...
     Never ask anyone to save you
I say...
     Who needs saving? You or me?
     I am a survivor on my own merit.

He said...
     I can not pander toward other people’s loneliness.
I say...
     It wasn’t loneliness you were pandering toward.
    You are a hunter.
     I was bored.

He said...
     It (you) takes away from my other relationships (yes, plural)
And the tells me...
     Love exclusively or don’t love at all.
I say...
     What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander, huh?
     You do not practice what you preach
     therefore, there is no wisdom in your speech.

Just MY thoughts
ryn Feb 2015
**Crushes or
•••don't last
••••this long.
•They're never
••this intense
this strong.
••I am in
••all day
and all night.
•••••moments of
••••••triumph and
•deepest, darkest fright.
•••I see you in all there is,
•••••I see you in everything.
••••••••Living in the present
••••but for the future I'm hoping
•••You calm and get me all riled up
••••••••••••••••at the same time.
••••••••••••You exist in metaphors,
••••••••••••••••••broken sentences
•••••••••••••and time worn rhymes.
•••••••••••••••••You give me life
••••••••••••••and take my breath
•••••••••••away altogether.
•••••••••You hold the key
to my erratic emotional lever.
•••••••••••You fill me full
••••••••••but empty me out
••••You make me want to be
•••••••••••someone else
••••••••as well as being me.
••••••Paradoxes of the heart
•••they can never be quelled.
••••When hopes and odds
••try to be one and meld.
•••••This is how I know
••••••••that this is real.
•••••••••••••I'm truly,
•••••••••madly, deeply
••••••in love with you
•and it's all that I feel.
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— The End —