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Eliza Parker May 2015
Punching brick walls and
tempting free falls and
giving up on
all i've worked for
Climbing thin vines and
dodging land mines this
risky business will
catch up in time

Cutting corners and
thrilling horrors and
silver linings that
always tarnish I
am not pleading but
always leading this
love thats breeding

Snow is melting and
flowers dying and
i am trying to
hold the tying
these knots keep tightening
and i am fighting
to keep this simple

Cave right  into me
beautiful coward
Tell the seven seas
scream it louder
just for me.

**But you wont even try
and you're giving up
and im exhausted of
this impending love
So think a bit
and come back to me
Ill be right here
waiting impatiently
also old. also dear to me.
Eliza Parker Mar 2015
Forward is a difficult direction to move towards.

Walking away from him is moving forward
But staying with him is moving backward
And ten steps towards the bottle is moving backward
And ten steps away from the bottle is moving forward.
So how do you know what way to point your compass when the direction you're told to go in  is completely arbitrary?

When I was younger moving forward meant success.
Getting A’s and B’s and staying out of trouble.
But as I grew up the little details that used to be irrelevant started twisting the path and what was once a straight shot is now a complicated maze of dead ends and trolls under bridges.

Moving forward was put on hold when puberty set in and the idea of body image made me obsessed with every mark and shape of my skin. When boys were no longer gross but objects of affection. When friends became more than friends and best friends was synonymous with jealousy.

Moving forward became more fuzzy when a new substance was introduced to me that made walking in a straight line more difficult than usual but when it got dark I wasn’t so scared of what lay on either side of me.

Moving forward became more interesting when you could inhale giggles and laziness or melt rainbows and dreams onto your tongue.

Moving forward was stopped completely the second time my best friend was ***** and I had to leave my path to hold her hand as she tried to move forward on her own.

Moving forward slowed once I made it back to my own road but checked behind my shoulder every few seconds because I now understood that there are really ****** people in this world.

Moving forward complicated itself when love became the ultimate distraction.
When I stopped mid journey to take the scenic route in another human being and thought I was still moving forward but actually was getting hopelessly lost.
Then he left me in the thickest part of the forest and I started to move backwards to retrace sunken steps in a ground I was too naïve to realize was muddy the first time I had walked it.

And I have to come to the realization that moving on and moving forwards  are not the same thing because my feet can place themselves one in front of the other all day long but it does not mean that my heart drags far behind in a state of helpless nostalgia that moving due north will not solve.

Soon enough distractions no longer sway me from my path.
My surroundings are a blur because everything that makes me full of light I have already passed and I am told over and over again to keep moving forward.

So I will no longer stray.

I will keep my eyes on the horizon and hope the soles of my shoes along with my spirit do not wear down before I arrive at my destination.
I have no idea of where I am going but maybe if I keep moving in the direction that is “forward” I will get there
And maybe one day arrive somewhere that makes me feel whole again.
kind of a slam poem i think. more evocative when spoken but thought i would share.
  Mar 2015 Eliza Parker
Johnnie Rae
There are a few things I could probably never say,
like how the curve of your smile literally
shoots electricity down my spine,
or how your embrace is better than
any prescription a doctor could prescribe.
You are my sun,
and my moon,
and its scary because before,
the stars were like simple string lights,
and now they're cacophonies of light,
that give me hope when I think all dark has descended.
Your power over me is frightening.
It's like I'm walking a tightrope,
and you're a gust of wind.
If I have to fall,
I just pray you'll be there to catch me.
Eliza Parker Mar 2015
Today I let someone buy me dinner.
Today I let someone say, "you look pretty."
Today I let someone make me laugh
And show me around the city

But because I let you inside of my heart
Years and years ago,
When he leaned in to kiss me as you'd done before
I said "I'm sorry I have to go."

Today was supposed to be good for me
Because I thought I was ready within
When I thought I was going to let you walk out
I invited you back in.

Today I let someone take me out
And my smile became a frown
After all of this time believing I'm healed
Today I let someone down.
not always a big fan of rhyming poetry but in some cases it just seems right
  Mar 2015 Eliza Parker
**Crushes or
•••don't last
••••this long.
•They're never
••this intense
this strong.
••I am in
••all day
and all night.
•••••moments of
••••••triumph and
•deepest, darkest fright.
•••I see you in all there is,
•••••I see you in everything.
••••••••Living in the present
••••but for the future I'm hoping
•••You calm and get me all riled up
••••••••••••••••at the same time.
••••••••••••You exist in metaphors,
••••••••••••••••••broken sentences
•••••••••••••and time worn rhymes.
•••••••••••••••••You give me life
••••••••••••••and take my breath
•••••••••••away altogether.
•••••••••You hold the key
to my erratic emotional lever.
•••••••••••You fill me full
••••••••••but empty me out
••••You make me want to be
•••••••••••someone else
••••••••as well as being me.
••••••Paradoxes of the heart
•••they can never be quelled.
••••When hopes and odds
••try to be one and meld.
•••••This is how I know
••••••••that this is real.
•••••••••••••I'm truly,
•••••••••madly, deeply
••••••in love with you
•and it's all that I feel.
Stay tuned for "She Said..."

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  Mar 2015 Eliza Parker
Rae Harrison
And I had to walk away
I was just hoping at least he noticed I didn't run
the title is a thought for after the poem
  Mar 2015 Eliza Parker
Alex Clarke
The lines
your eyes
and mouth
with every
sunburst smile
are the
little maps
of where you have been
where I hope
to travel.
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