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  Mar 2017 Earth
Just Melz
                      Is Better
        *Lying Lips
The last line from another poem I posted on my other account, also called "Lust"
It makes a superb 10w I think.  :)
  Mar 2017 Earth
Brenna Martin
by definition,
lust is
extreme ****** desire for someone

by nature,
lust is
I'm attracted to my thirty-seven year old male teacher
and my eighteen year old male coworker
and the quirky girl who sits behind me in history,

by religion,
lust is
a sin, punishable by Hell,
whatever that is.

lust is unavoidable,
but socially unacceptable to act upon.
I know this ***** I'm really tired
  Mar 2017 Earth
just change me
just turn me
into a dust
worthless and useless
***** and all filthy
i'll be the dust
in your veins
so i can stay forever
inside your body
without feeling the pain
of missing you so much
  Mar 2017 Earth
Xander King
I don't believe in love at first sight,
I believe in lust a first sight.
You cant see my soul in a passing glance.
Midnight thoughts.
  Mar 2017 Earth
let me near enough
to touch you

i don't mind
getting cut
on your edges
dear scorpio,

[update (4 months later): i got cut]
  Mar 2017 Earth
Why, when I know
she doesn't notice me, like me back,
or even realizes I'm a living, breathing being?
Why, when I just end up hurt
as the sun touches lips
with the moon and stars?
Why must I allow little butterflies,
pink purple green yellow red black blue gray,
to flutter inside your stomach?
As if my breakfast this morning
was trying to tell me

I can't control myself,
I can't control my emotion:
Love, Hate, Jealousy.
They spill out of my heart, pour into my mind,
changing the way
I think, live life,
act and behave,
my personality;
A broken version of who I am,
who I really am.
Or was.

So yes, I have
a crush.
Because there's something with it,
something that is so...
a d d i c t i n g.

The pain I'm anticipating,
Being hurt as constantly as the moon
changes its face.
A constant flare of excitement,
being able to look at her face again and
Hope to be able to get that face time with her.
Even if her time is mine no more,
(it never was)
as others are her time now.

But I want to be happy (at least appear that way)
in front of her so she too
can flash her pearly whites
as her eyes wrinkle from a wide grin,
sometimes a tear rolling down her
soft smooth cheeks
from too much laughing.

All these presents wrapped nice and tight
in one gigantic wrapping
of Disappointment.
And rightfully so,
now that the happy holidays are upon us.
"I wish I had the power to ignore you like you ignore me"

Only I can make the pain go away.
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