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  Mar 2017 flustered
mrs kite
my tongue and brain
must be best friends
they're both completely useless
spongy, yet unforgiving

you can approach me,
and i may approach you
but all of my words will take a swan dive
and commit group suicide
the second you try to speak to me

shine a flashlight in my eye sockets
if you'd like
but my skull is a ghost mall,
empty and vapid

my thoughts are racing but
not in a straight line
they're stuck on a treadmill
with no where to run

you can stare at me in my gaudy clothes
every loud opinion splattered on my skin
but although my sleeves are brimming with careful theories,
there is nothing inside my skull
flustered Aug 2016
for months,
not a single sentence have i written about you
but not writing about you
and not thinking about you
are two different things
  Jun 2016 flustered
By "that," I mean your current negative emotional-dependency attachment, and by "healthy," I mean neurotic and exhausting.
Explaining sarcasm just makes it worse.
  May 2016 flustered
mrs kite
blood curdles
sour milk in a pale blue carton
pushing out of wiry veins


the vena cava
was never meant to hold
ruined plasma
just like the world was never meant to hold
flustered Apr 2016
i think i still love you despite everything
how i wish you hurt me harder
how can i stop?
flustered Apr 2016
there is plenty of time in the world,

just not enough for us
i was never one to spend mine wisely

this is old and useless but im posting it so i can pretend i can make things again
flustered Feb 2016
he was as beautiful
as he was cold
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