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Deeba May 2018
A chirpy young wolf
filled with pride and
Never part of
any pack

Decepted with self-pride
and felt
everything around him
is not right

They say
wolves can only survive in packs
He says
'I am always right,
everyone should stand by my side'

He surrounded
a cobweb of cynicism
so deep, that he never
listens or
with others

One fine day
he was abandoned by all
and a sense of
realization could be
read from his eyes

Until he was
nabbed by a mighty tiger
and everything was
left blank
Deeba Sep 2014
One life changing decision
to get out of the self abase

The determination to fulfill
the only dream to get out of the lifeless pace

keeping aside all the challenges
irrespective of health, work and other urban race

Thou flew to an unknown territory
Keeping aside all the emotional slake

The first eyesight on the mistic mountains
Got the heart pounding from above the sky's trace

A very warm welcome
Expected, unepxtected emotions flow as grace

Those long journeys on an autobot
witnessed the relentless beauty and its gace

The dust, the heat, the sand, the rain, the sky
all bestowed their blessings on the way

The surreal mountains, rivers, desserts, pathways
are an experience of a lifetime in a perfect present phase

Emotions bloomed keeping aside all the hatred
The camp near the lake, led to a perfect proposal to amaze

An ideal birthday gift full of emotions
Left behind all the nuance of night and day

A fully satisfied heart
with no qualms takes along memories as a poetic phrase

And shall remain joyful
Till they are blessed and the last breath remains
Deeba Jan 2015
There falls the mystic moon light
from my room window
into the tail of a kite

The gift that it was
thrown into a corner
not knowing the importance
lied into a shady vagueness

the light beam dwells deep into the tail
and catches my attention
realizing the patterns
that it drew
using small hops and curls
with a pleasant breeze

Brings in my senses to action
to realize and perceive
that, it may be a normal gift
by the giver

But for me it's
a hope
a desire
a wish
a faith

to take the flight
and soar to a new height
conceived by a kite festival in India
Deeba Aug 2014
Heavy expectations, preparations galore,
To witness the night of glory and L'amore.

Moon was eager to rise and sun refuted to set,
That was the charisma of the night which the two souls beget.

Time was running and hearts started pounding,
To reach the destination and visualize the hearts rebounding.

An Italian rendezvous, at an Indian enigma of nizam,
In an exotic style of feast, they share a conversation of purism.

The joy within was inexplicable,
With the right aroma of love on table.

The rich culture of India's great glory,
With the classic mixture of king's short story.

The ******, an unmissable moment,
With the hand in hand the souls enjoy the love slogan.

Hearts were filled with joy,
And the angels bestowed their blessings and foy.

The night ended with heart full emotions,
Satisfied with magical love potion.

Reality made a dreadful turn,
Magical to ludicrous was that moment, spent with a deceitful spurn.

Falseness prevailed all over,
bringing down the purity to filthy left over.

Drenched in the sea of sorrow,
That night remained more like a knight mare, killing the beautiful tomorrow.

Certainly, that was the glory of the night
That it shall be remembered in the memories in sight.
Deeba Nov 2017
Long long ago, not so long ago
a small tiny bud blossomed
into an amorous beautiful flower
with a soul of love.

It pledged to the God
" You poison me
You pluck me
and throw me on the ground.
I will remain strong
in their hearts
Until death sets them apart."

God was challenged
by this little flower

He sent snow, thunder, hail storms
cyclones, tsunamis, heat waves
to **** the flower.
But nothing worked. Sigh!..

Then he sent mystical bees
to **** its nectar and shatter it down.

Slowly but steadily
the battle of love was fading
But its faith was so strong
that it stood up yet again
refusing to die.

God was pleased by the devotion
and vowed to keep it alive
as long as it wishes to.

Today after an year of togetherness
in the institution of marriage
blessed by the god and all the loved ones
the little flower shines with pride
more than ever
and spreads smiles all over.
Deeba Jan 2017
When there is a cloud of sorrow, a poet's pen learns to walk.
When the sorrow intensifies with heavy showers, the pen learns to dance and creates magic.

When peace and tranquility prevails, the poet's pen starts to wamble. It gets difficult for it to take each and every step.
And during the summer of happiness, the pen moves to a corner and suffocates to death.
The best poem from a poet's dairy comes out only during sorrow.
The heart break brings very strong emotions into words. Whereas during happiness, the poet forgets all her words and enjoys every moment of joy.

This is my first poem in almost 4 months.
Deeba Sep 2014
It started with an instant 'Yes',
Because the love in her heart never ends.
The proposal which was longing for years,
Has happened in an unexpected spheres.
But, Within seconds, thought processing started,
affecting the heart which was darted,
and the excitement in his heart suffered.
I know the night which could have been much more special,
But, was laid back in a thinking tussle.
The thought was not about the acceptance,
It was about to get out of the painful depression,
It was about to recreate the magic of essence.

But the mistakes of the past,
which are now years old,
Still play a spoil sport.
Love gets overshadowed with

Can True love ever end?
If it regenerates, in 20 days does it descend?

Perhaps, that was not love,
It was only the need of reality thereof.

Only almighty knows what prevails in our fate,
I so badly long to be in his arms till the last date,
Just trying to bring back my soul from an emotional abate.
Deeba Oct 2014
I stand on the pathway with blank eyes,
With a big frown staring at sky.
I see the darkness behind the sun light,
alas, they could read the fear in me with an insight.

But they don't, as there is no darkness here after,
It is only my fear, fear of failure which is masking  the joy with a plaster.

I know that fear will lose the battle one day.
and inner strength will join the hands with joy.
allowing me to see only brightness behind the sunshine and no other darkness hereafter,
Making the pursuit of happiness to stay in here with a bright laughter
Deeba Jun 2019
One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs,
Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
Excerpt from 'A thousand splendid suns' by Khaled Hosseini.
"a thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls' are all those beautiful ladies who are hidden behind the walls of the outside world and yet provide the much needed warmth and resilience to the family.
Deeba Apr 2018
Be social, be active
but don't be selective

Emote feelings that please all
but don't spread hatred
that gain momentum

When in need, take a stand
find a solution.
Don't be a scarecrow
who takes opinions
and makes a fact out of it

Play no blame game
You are just a pawn
in the larger battle of truth
You will be tricked at the end
And there will be no way out
Saddened by the social media eruption on every other topic these days.
Deeba Feb 2017
Best in you is yet to be discovered.
Just believe.
Deeba Mar 2017
I am a Bin
Left over,
Always stinking.

No one sees me with a smile
They show disgust towards me

And then
Stars started orbiting differently
Magic happens.

I am seen as a flower vase

A flower vase
Always enriched, with
different types of flowers

All appreciate my beauty
I am a cynosure

They come to me
Smell me
Absorb my fragrance
Refreshing themselves

It gives me immense pleasure
when I freshen them

But its not always the same
Sometimes they overlook me
Leaving me to stink in rotten flowers

The story repeats.

Yesterday, I was a bin
Today, I am a vase

And nothing much changed

So! I don't care anything anymore.
Deeba Jan 2018
Before my birth there was infinite time,
after my death there is inexhaustible time.
I never thought of it before:
I’d been living luminously between two eternities of darkness.
Excerpts from one of my best reads of 2017 - My name is red.
Deeba Sep 2016
Little butterfly
living a normal life

Was wandering helter-skelter
on a fateful day
for something within her
she never understood

that day was very different
filled with dark clouds,
but, a ray of light
was following her all along

Night approached with a bunch of stars

Wondering what was wrong
She kept staring at the moon
and found a shooting star
approaching the ground
as though to take her along

That was the moment
she realized what was missing in her
the sparks from the shooting star
took her soul away from her and vanished
as though they were meant to be together till the eternity

That was the day he was born
and she gave away her heart and soul
to give birth once again a year later
as a human, and
to live a beautiful happy life ever after.
On the eve of my loved ones birthday :)
Deeba Oct 2015
A man says,
"In the urge of living a better life
and to get a better choice
I have tasted all the possible choices.
But one choice which I always had
at the back of my mind is what I am left with today.
And I don't know if this is my choice which leads me to a better life".
And I say,
Go for a choice where Ur heart is,
Your heart will lead you to a better life not a mere choice.
Deeba Nov 2014
The lethargic phase of my life seems to be so equivocal
that is ******* the left out energy in the soul like a daemon
Deeba Sep 2014
Those dark empty roads
and those tiny droplets on my car windows

That beautiful moon peeping out of dark clouds
and that herd of stars covering the sky like a shroud

These standing tall street lights
and these barking dogs chasing the red beams like a knight

Brings back the hidden peace and solace.

As the moon makes friends with my god, patting my back, showing my shadow
Makes me realize that my identity is certainly built by my own respectful bound of arrow
Deeba Aug 2014
The dream world built with pack of cards,
Stood always strong with the blessings of lord;

The wind of reality was never to touch,
So strong was the emotional clutch;

Love and faith played hide and seek,
Trying to reach a relation at mountain peak;

The eyes closed with full of dreams,
Never cared to wake up with clues of light beam;

The fairy land lying below the feet,
Started to feel the tremors of reality heat;

The cracks begotten by the tremors,
Let thee to have feelingless quivers;

The heaviness in the air was so strong,
that thou were found in the arms of wrong;

Eyes left wide open with sour and paleness,
Reaching the state of lifeless staleness;

The sea of tears dried up,
Leaving behind the salty death cup;

Before the eyes wake up from the dream,
A divine helping hand showed the path of river stream;

To purify self from the shadows of guilt,
And raise as a new soul rebuilt;

Finding the path between dream world and real world,
the search is on to reach the glory unfurled;

Keeping the packs of cards intact,
the dream world of cards is still on for the soul to reenact.
Deeba Jul 2014
Lonely I walk,
with an empty heart;
Deaf I stand,
with mute voices;
Guilt echoes,
tears drain;
Goal lacks,
within pale life;
Empty dreams,
eyes wide open;
Haunting past,
Foresight lost;
Here I stand;
Nowhere to go,
to life or to Death
Only God Knows
Deeba Sep 2014
"What day is it,?" asked Pooh
"Its today", squeaked piglet.
"My favorite day,"said Pooh. - Winnie the Pooh

As Winnie the pooh says, every day should be favorite with new exuberance and enthusiasm.

Just like the mystic morning sunrise embraces me every single day,
The pleasantness in climate today brought back the child in me like a play.
The soothing music from my favorite composer of recent time,
With my best pal, my car; we enjoyed every moment of nature and chime.
Deeba Jul 2014
On the clouds i stand,
all that i used to dream on land

flying high like a falcon,
above the milky white clouds in action

all the dreams coming true,
with nostalgic feelings bidding adieu

heart pounds for a lonely travel,
accompanied by a stranger of sheer marvel

with a barrier of language we talk long,
unknowingly confined into a strong bond

Those fairy like red dressed angels,
with a big smile care me without being stranger

I see lush green mountains from above the top,
those dazzling visuals make my heart to hop

And i end the journey with a big smile,
heavily satisfied for travelling the long flight

That lonely journey crossing seven seas,
I stand proud to have achieved it with ease.
Deeba Sep 2017
Walk into my life
And leave imprints of your goodness
Deeba Sep 2016
Start the day with a fresh coffee in hand
and a view of sunrise
and see the magic for the rest of the day
Deeba Aug 2016
With the urge to reach the heavens
I kept walking until there was no more earth left
And I could not even reach the skies

Oh Dear Lord!
How do I know?
Where is the heaven and where is the earth.
Original version in Hindi+Urdu :) English version is a bit modified.

Falak tak chalne ka arman leke
hum chalte gaye chlate gaye
jana ki zameen hi kam padgayi,
aur aasaman bhi choo na paye...

Oh mirza ke galib,
tum kya jano
kahan falak hai aur kahan zameen
Deeba Aug 2017
A world filled with magical aura
Where, Clouds look like angels in cloak
surroundings as an artist's imagination.
With no vegetation in the nearest sight
Only mysterious mountains of different texture and shapes
Fills your stomach with deep eternal joy.

No! its not a fairy land
nor our nearest planet neighbors
Its Earth at its highest point.
Untouched and naïve

It’s the Himalayas!!
Remembered my first ever bike ride from Ladakh to Srinagar in the northern part of India. It was so wonderful that i have no enough words to explain its beauty.
Deeba Dec 2014
There are these big tides
which inject a feeling called
Until they reach the shore
to be found hopeless.
Deeba Aug 2015
In the depths of desire,
when love is drowning into unknown spheres;
There raises a lotus
in the form of 'Hope'
and helps love to stay afloat
Deeba Jul 2015
Imagine a story
for your life
and believe in it.
Random thoughts
Deeba Dec 2014
Safe and secure was I inside
Felt the warmth, care and love
Made movements when i enjoyed
Was excited to see the world outside

I came out with a brief pain
Outside seems to be much different
Scared and strange feelings prevailed
But could enjoy seeing all happy, smiley faces

Lot of other cries made me cry
But a tender touch wiped my tears
Just as the power that sent me here

My eyes wide open observing people, wondering what is happening
And then a voice whispered to me saying i was born
A new life, a new world, a new beginning

Yes, I was born.
This poem was written for a special one's birthday in 2012.
Deeba Jul 2016
Look into thy eyes, you shall see the love
Look away from those eyes, you shall see if they are telling the truth
Only if u look away you will know if those eyes are wandering for someone else :)
Deeba Oct 2019
When the sky is shrouded
with darkness of expectation,
When the day is filled with
screams and abuses.

There comes the night
where misty eyes caress
the sleeping soul with immense love
depicting that, in the midst of darkness
of anger and frustration,
resides pure love which
still lingers around to keep the bond
strong enough and not to let it falter
Deeba Dec 2014
Love me for what I am, and not for what i look
Love me only if i deserve the love and not for the mercy that you feel
Love me for the beauty of my inner soul and not for the money and not for any worldly desire
Love me even when i am not with you, but don't hate me when i am closer to you
Love me for the connection that we have, but not for the passion and desire
Love me like a mother to a child, like a devotee to god, like the nature to skies for i am the love and i am everywhere in you.
Deeba Dec 2014
I do not love you as if you were a salt rose, or topaz
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that never blooms
but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;
thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,
risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
So I love you because I know no other way
than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep

- Love Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda
Deeba Aug 2016
Heavenly land with romantic angels linger on my mind,
corrupting my senses not to return to the green land.

Oh the milky white mountains, milky white pathway, milky white clouds covering all my view as though kissing each other
Don't know where to draw the line

In this heaven i do not understand where do i stand
on the clouds or on the land
Deeba Oct 2014
Romantic heavenly land with romantic heavenly angels linger on my mind,
corrupting my senses not to return to the green land.

Oh the milky white mountain, milky white pathway, milky white clouds
kissing each other, don't know where to draw the line

In this heaven i do not understand where do i stand
on the clouds or on the land
Deeba Sep 2016
A sip from a hot and aromatic
coffee of dusty gloss
and endless froth

in the midst of a dawn
and soothing music
played by the morning birds

casts a spell on your senses
with freshness and vigor
that lasts for the day long.
Deeba Oct 2014
"Diya, Diya where are you?"
Oh! Mom calls me from behind
allowing me not to be myself,
restricting me to meet the world
in and of itself.
why does she do this to me?
why cant she let me be?

It is so colorful outside.
the world is waiting for me
to feel the pride.
There comes the warning from behind
seeing the excitement in my eyes
counseling "Don't fall prey,
for the world is deceiving you,
you will not be welcomed,
you will not be spared,
you are not old enough
to perceive the threat.
you will only have me
who has always cared".

No words of wisdom would stop me,
as i am the pigeon, and i am set to live free.

I take my first step out
tumbling down
and still getting up
trying to fly.
I finally take my first leap
and start flying
as if i am on the cloud nine and
the entire sky is mine.
Greeting the fellow birds
welcoming them to my nest,
i feel the freshness in the air
and start winging like waves.

My first flight was so splendid
until a sharp edged object
pierced my wings
and let me fall
on the ground unattended.

I now realize
why mother was so protective
warning of the threats,
but i gave a deaf ear
only to infer
that she was right.
I could have waited
for some more time
rather lying in here
being penalized.
Deeba Aug 2017
Ya Qamar! (My Moon!)
You are so close yet so far
you enlighten me
every evening
as a  
seamless czar
Deeba Mar 2015
To form a myriad of similitude
Thy were found in an ocean
following a flock of fish
without inferring the fact, that
only few shall reach the destination
who has determination
to follow the unendingly tiring
journey of self made dream

The rest shall only sashay half a distance
whenst thy realize their actual dream
Deeba Feb 2015
I sat near my window pane
and i could watch the traffic flow like rain
Suddenly a memory flashes in my mind
and i reach out for a hand to feel the comfort
but, there is no one out there
it feels terrible

I walk alone on an empty pathway covered with snow
It gets slippery sometimes
my steps fumble,
and i reach out for a hand to hold me
and not letting me fall
but, there is no one out there
it feels terrible

I stare at empty walls of my room
i get scared of loneliness
of something eerie
and i look for a hand to hold me and say
"I am there, Dont worry"
but, there is no one out there
it feels terrible

Finally, I close my eyes and
went into a dream land
where voices echoed
saying "We are here, waiting for you"
Dont get scared, We are always there next to you"

I wake up by the sunlight beam
falling on me, through
the snow flakes on my window pane
reflecting in my eyes like a diamond's glare
bringing a big smile on my lips and making me aware

That, Family and special ones are always there
Next to you where ever you go
Never feel alone..
Deeba Jan 2018
Another year has passed
letting to count the experience of life.
Last year was a game changer
in all aspects for most of us.
Let's hope and expect this year
will be the most happening year
with lots of joy and prosperity.

Wishing you all dear friends
a very Happy New Year!!
Better late than never. :)
Deeba May 2015
Oh dear Bee!
I have waited for you
right from being a small bud to
a beautifully blossomed flower

I fell in love with you
even before you were my lover

I allowed you
to consume,
to pollinate
my sugar rich nectar

But please do not
consume all the richness in me
and leave me to fall on the ground to wither

Let the wind ******* away,
before i die and fall on the ground
and let my petals spread
my beauty all around

Oh dear Bee!
I have loved you all my life
you were the one who fulfilled me
but the wind had been a true friend
who let me remain beautiful until i die.
Deeba Jan 2018
A rose dressed in bright red,
spreading its petals with open arms.
Invites me to relish its fragrance,
until I am seduced and transported
into a mystical land of 'Love'.
Dedicated to all those who propose their love with a red rose.
Deeba Mar 2015
In the urge of finding the secret of happiness
I went through every emotion of life
and asked each one of them to
guide me
lead me
to the treasure trove containing the key of joy

Well, every emotion led me to a newer zone of feelings
But one such emotion called 'sorrow' showed me the mirror
and said,

"While i was hiding behind your eye lids
forming a sea of pain coming from your heart
I could only lighten your ail by flowing down your cheeks
as precious drops
these drops contriving themselves to make as beautiful pearls
are my dear, the secret of your happiness"

Finally, my urge was laid to rest and i murmured
"Thank you Sorrow for showing me the mirror
and never come back again, as
I do not want my happiness to wither"
Verily, the joy attained after going through immense pain
leads us to the greatest treasure of happiness
Deeba Jun 2015
One's prodigious feat
is a deceiving notion of
self pride
Dedicated to people who think they achieved such greatness in life, that they eventually drown in their false pride.
Deeba Dec 2014
Oh My dear Friend!
It is easy to drown in the sea of sorrow,
but it makes a human of quality
to convert the waves into a life saving boat
and row towards the destination of shore.
This is actually written in my native language hindi which goes by:

Dard ke is sagar me doob jana sabhi ko aata hai mere dost
Lekin lehron ko naav banake, kinare ko pehchan na hi zindagi hai.
Deeba Oct 2014
Quiet is peace. Tranquility. Quiet is turning down the volume button of life
Silence is painful. Torture. Silence is turning off the volume button of life
                                                            ­            inspired by "The Kite Runner"

There was a roar of pain, frustration, helplessness, but still the hearts echoed.
The light still glowed, but lost the spark day by day,

The voice around the darkness became quite,
The hearts gradually muted, filled with silence.
They don't talk, yet the others do the talking.

No one observes the silence. No one tries to break through it.
Lot of unspoken words, lot of excited questions.
Yet there is no one to answer.

Life with silent heart is a body without soul.
Lest they understood
Deeba Sep 2016
I stand on the pathway with blank eyes,
With a big frown staring at the sky;
I see the darkness behind the sun light,
alas, they could read the fear in me with an insight.

But they don't, as there is no darkness remains here after,
It is only my fear, fear of failure which is masking  the joy with a plaster.

I know that fear will lose the battle one day,
and inner strength will join the hands with joy.
allowing me to see only brightness behind the sunshine and no other darkness hereafter.
Remembering the struggles of my past and how i overcame it with positivity. Hope this happiness and optimism stays with me forever.
Deeba Sep 2014
I wonder why am i sitting in here,
waiting for someone who was a dear.
the clock keeps ticking ,
and says its getting late duckling.
There i see the glimpse of a man ,
with looks resembling an ancient angelic clan.
Oh, that white T shirt,
hugging it tight like a frozen desert,
my heart pumps with joy seeing the smartness,
then rests in shadows, feeling the past madness.
Heart says, should i? should i not?
appreciate or reject the big smile.
I know this guy from years,
never did i observe his masculinity with cheers.
Finally, I bring my thoughts to cease,
bringing the friend in me and welcome him with peace.
Deeba Jul 2019
Beginning is unknown
End is inevitable

Your existence links
the beginning and the end

You can be the cause of
end of the beginning
or beginning of the end.

There is no escape.

there is no beginning
there is no end.
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