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Oct 2014
"Diya, Diya where are you?"
Oh! Mom calls me from behind
allowing me not to be myself,
restricting me to meet the world
in and of itself.
why does she do this to me?
why cant she let me be?

It is so colorful outside.
the world is waiting for me
to feel the pride.
There comes the warning from behind
seeing the excitement in my eyes
counseling "Don't fall prey,
for the world is deceiving you,
you will not be welcomed,
you will not be spared,
you are not old enough
to perceive the threat.
you will only have me
who has always cared".

No words of wisdom would stop me,
as i am the pigeon, and i am set to live free.

I take my first step out
tumbling down
and still getting up
trying to fly.
I finally take my first leap
and start flying
as if i am on the cloud nine and
the entire sky is mine.
Greeting the fellow birds
welcoming them to my nest,
i feel the freshness in the air
and start winging like waves.

My first flight was so splendid
until a sharp edged object
pierced my wings
and let me fall
on the ground unattended.

I now realize
why mother was so protective
warning of the threats,
but i gave a deaf ear
only to infer
that she was right.
I could have waited
for some more time
rather lying in here
being penalized.
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