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Mar 2015
In the urge of finding the secret of happiness
I went through every emotion of life
and asked each one of them to
guide me
lead me
to the treasure trove containing the key of joy

Well, every emotion led me to a newer zone of feelings
But one such emotion called 'sorrow' showed me the mirror
and said,

"While i was hiding behind your eye lids
forming a sea of pain coming from your heart
I could only lighten your ail by flowing down your cheeks
as precious drops
these drops contriving themselves to make as beautiful pearls
are my dear, the secret of your happiness"

Finally, my urge was laid to rest and i murmured
"Thank you Sorrow for showing me the mirror
and never come back again, as
I do not want my happiness to wither"
Verily, the joy attained after going through immense pain
leads us to the greatest treasure of happiness
Written by
       Sjr1000, South by Southwest, Pax, ---, Nicole and 8 others
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