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Deeba Sep 2015
Was the change so inevitable?
If this change brought any other change,
then is the other change really worth it?
Deeba Aug 2017
In the silence of the dark
a melody chose to reach my ears

In the absence of light
golden rays from behind the chocolatey clouds
chose to reach my eyes

In the midst of urban odor
fragrance of freshness reached my nose

Arousing my senses to
feel love in the air
live gratified life in the hustle
and spread happiness around

   I am the chosen one.
Felt inspired after seeing old pics taken by my husband :)
Deeba Mar 2015
The first ever dream you had
He was the superhero in it who saved the world

He has always the been the critic
at the same time, a secret admirer

He has allowed you to fall on the ground
but he tought you a lesson to get up and learn

He has always been a strict army man of the house
With whom you would share your feelings less
But when he threw his ears to listen to you,
he even beats mom in understanding you better

Very often you wonder, that
he doesn't care for you
he doesn't love you as much as mom does
But, he was busy in giving you the bright future

He is like the Banyan tree for the family
who strives life long to give shelter to his family

He is the best ever teacher
best ever guide
best ever support system

He is the foundation of your life
Without him you wouldn't exist

He is the first ever superman for a son
the first ever love for a daughter

He is the best creation of God
He is the 'FATHER'
Many a times fathers are misunderstood for being very strict, they tend to throw strict rules, they expect a lot from kids.
But what ever they do, they do it for the good of their kids. They never mean to harm their kids.

Fathers dont care less than the mothers, they just dont show it.
Deeba May 2019
Few years ago,
No so long though.

I started to write
converting every emotion into words.
Dancing and juggling each letter
into sea of ideas.

Today, ink inside my pen
never wants to dry.
There is a change in its attitude.
It has adapted from being black
to blue, green, red, every possible color.

And with immense courage
continues to scribble
every nuance of life

as a silent warrior.
Celebrating my journey of writing.
Deeba Jun 2015
Hidden behind the corner of my heart
the desire,
the temptation
to meet you,
to be with you
brings me towards you
at every possible opportunity

As you grow tall and tall
you send cottony clouds
to embrace me
with a beautiful hug

You stand all around me
caress me with your enigmatic charm
playing hide and seek
while i ride through you

You enlighten me at every moment
with your pals,
the moon,
the dark sky
and various stars

Finally, you spread the carpet
of green meadows under my feet
and let me sleep a deep sleep
as though I am in my mothers womb
and I have no fear anymore

Defines the unending love for you in me
and defines a strong relation ever emerged
"The mountains and me"
Dedicated to my best friend..
Deeba Nov 2014
In the midst of a bright day
when sky gets covered up with dark clouds
it jeopardizes the well beings
of daily nuances.

But they fail to realize
that until you don't witness the darkness
you don't tend to appreciate
the beauty of the bright rays
peeping from behind the dark clouds

The mesmerizing rays
touches the soul skin deep
refreshes the senses
reclaims the victory of life
regenerates the novelty
and preserves the energy
to face another dark phase
Deeba Feb 2019
Who are wise?

Are wise the ones
who perceive to know everything,
Preaches this 'everything' to everyone around
and drives the endless dreams into a cage by their eminence.


Are they the ones
who begin with the notion of knowing nothing.
explores the endless horizons of wisdom,
and yet remain truthful to nothingness.

As 'Nothing' can never be shared
endless dreams can never be caged
Deeba Oct 2014
The approach of dawn
and the chilly cold breeze,
the languid movement of trees
and the dance of bush

The shroud of stars
covering the sky
and the proudish gaze of moon
appreciating self
on the lake mirror with a fetish eye.

The small grains of sand
moving steadily
as though musical piano keys
hugging each other
to generate the rhythmic tease.

The wind blowing tardily
flows through the alley of mystic mountains
rendering a slow and steady euphony
into thou's veins like a fountain.

Such was the beauty of those nights
miles away from home
into the arms of nature
and the perfect company
longing from years,
marks the beginning
of the best days
coming in the near future.
Deeba Dec 2014
Life is too short.
Within no time, today becomes yesterday,
Present becomes past memories.

Life gives a chance to correct mistakes until it’s too late.

If you realize it on time, you succeed.
If you do not
then you cannot catch the time after its gone past
Deeba Sep 2015
Travel bug!
that bit me a year ago
is spreading a venomous
scent of freshness within me
that I am being dragged towards
the inane spell cast by Nature.

And I am dying the dead life
that i had lived so far
and enjoying the craziness
spread by the venom.
Deeba Jan 2015
Oh! Dear troubled Soul

Dont you see
how the bud blossoms into a beautiful flower
how the river gives birth from mountains
how a small seed gives birth to a giant tree
how a small spark of fire destroys an entire forest
How every shade of your life is been created and developed

A mere human has no power to do any of these
Then why and how can you take the privilege
of taking others lives in your hands
by torturing and killing them.

Faith and religion was meant to build humanity
Not to be inhuman and develop insanity.

Please grow up!!
Extremely disheartened by the way things are turning up in the name of faith. They are just creating hatred among others about their own religion. I am a true Muslim, and i feel very disgusting when some one says your people have created this nuisance. They are not among us, they are among no one. They just know to **** people with lame justifications.

They are only part of a religion called 'Terror'.
Deeba Oct 2014
On the mountain pinnacle i stand,
staring below at the lovely land.

The sky above
stands so close to my hands
it seems as though
i am in heaven
and had attained life saving salvation

I see all peace and solace,
in the arms of the splendid creation
of the almighty, so flawless.

Having reached this far
i question myself
"Is this what i wanted?
Is this called being successfull?
Have i reached my destination?
Did i overcome my fears?
Did i cross over my failures?"

No, i still dont get an answer.

Because I am not this.
I am a simple person,
who loves every simple thing in life,
surrounded by family and friends.

The actual achievement is
Being an adorable daughter,
a loyal wife,
a caring mother,
and above all a beautiful human being.

The road to actual success
is still far away.
But i know i have that in me,
to reach my destination
and achieve the true happiness in life.
Deeba Nov 2014
I did knock the tree trunk
Harder and harder,
as though i am a woodpecker.
in search of something inside it
and to ask the question
But what i get,
is not an answer,
but a few dried leaves
waiting to fall on me and die on the ground.

I did throw pebbles
on the banks of a river
Farther and Farther,
in the quest of something below the water
to ask the question.
But what i get
is not an answer,
but a splash of tiny drops
waiting to touch my skin and get dried up.

I did run in the direction of the wind
Faster and faster
to defeat it, to stop it
and to ask the question
But what i get
is not an answer
but a heavy breathlessness
eating up my energy, and splashing the sweat all over.

And finally i did fight with God
and prayed with utter dedication
But I still don't get an answer
Because he says, the answer is within me
My conscience should answer and no one else.

He says: "Its alright not to know the answers
For they are meant to come to you
when you least expect them."
Deeba May 2018
A fresh splash of water
into one's face
is all that is needed
to awaken the half dead
from the dreamy fantasy
into today's insipid world.
Deeba Aug 2017
Walk into my life
And leave imprints of your goodness
Deeba Dec 2014
Walk with the wind, says all

And the wind shall make you fly
but only till a distance,
Beyond that it is your strength
your ability to fly farther.
If you dont,
you will be thrown into unknown spheres
leaving you all alone for ever.

But I say, do not walk with the wind
Stand strong and *****
In a way that you can build the strength
to face the winds from all directions
to face the rains
to face the scorching sun
and finally to feel the cool and pleasant breeze
bringing you back to your nascent self
and keep the journey going.
Deeba Feb 2015
A bug
to explore
to conquer
the known
the unknown,
a win in the battle against self
by overcoming fears and guilt.
Deeba Jan 2015
Why do we find many reasons to cry, but only one reason to laugh/ smile?
Why do people make life complex, when life is already complex by itself?
Why do we expect so much from life, when we know life doesn't give it all?
Are we only puppets in the hands of almighty God?
Cant we expect, love, feel, chose?
Why do we have to compromise, **** all the emotions to lead a happy life?
Why don't we get what we want?

Why? Oh! Almighty God, when will you answer.
Written in the year 2011. Still holds good.
Deeba Jul 2015
Wrong is in their mind
so they see all wrong around them.
They do the wrong
to themselves and to others,
without knowing, that
they are the ones
who will be wronged in the end

— The End —