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Aug 2014
The dream world built with pack of cards,
Stood always strong with the blessings of lord;

The wind of reality was never to touch,
So strong was the emotional clutch;

Love and faith played hide and seek,
Trying to reach a relation at mountain peak;

The eyes closed with full of dreams,
Never cared to wake up with clues of light beam;

The fairy land lying below the feet,
Started to feel the tremors of reality heat;

The cracks begotten by the tremors,
Let thee to have feelingless quivers;

The heaviness in the air was so strong,
that thou were found in the arms of wrong;

Eyes left wide open with sour and paleness,
Reaching the state of lifeless staleness;

The sea of tears dried up,
Leaving behind the salty death cup;

Before the eyes wake up from the dream,
A divine helping hand showed the path of river stream;

To purify self from the shadows of guilt,
And raise as a new soul rebuilt;

Finding the path between dream world and real world,
the search is on to reach the glory unfurled;

Keeping the packs of cards intact,
the dream world of cards is still on for the soul to reenact.
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