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Sep 2014
It started with an instant 'Yes',
Because the love in her heart never ends.
The proposal which was longing for years,
Has happened in an unexpected spheres.
But, Within seconds, thought processing started,
affecting the heart which was darted,
and the excitement in his heart suffered.
I know the night which could have been much more special,
But, was laid back in a thinking tussle.
The thought was not about the acceptance,
It was about to get out of the painful depression,
It was about to recreate the magic of essence.

But the mistakes of the past,
which are now years old,
Still play a spoil sport.
Love gets overshadowed with

Can True love ever end?
If it regenerates, in 20 days does it descend?

Perhaps, that was not love,
It was only the need of reality thereof.

Only almighty knows what prevails in our fate,
I so badly long to be in his arms till the last date,
Just trying to bring back my soul from an emotional abate.
Written by
   vamsi sai mohan and ---
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