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Äŧül Nov 2019
No need to work at all,
Free, equal housing for one and all,
Free healthcare facilities.

Free education,
Free food,
Free amenities.

Equal rights to everyone,
Welfare pension for all,
Economic equality too,
Huge ethnic variety as well,
The only guns possessed by law enforcement.

Surely, a good prison is
The Communist Utopia!
My HP Poem #1808
©Atul Kaushal
A Presidential pardon for all inmates and the expulsion of every American's arrest and incarceration record. Change the lives of forty million people and see the economy roar the Lion's head.

What could be more,  Christian?
America never understood the message of Jesus and still does not get it.
Carla Blaschka Jul 2015
You’re here

I can hate you.
Hating that I have no control.
Are you deceiving me
How can I tell?
When you’re not here

You’re here

My frustration grows
At all the things I cannot control,
Cannot know
Who do you see?
When you’re not here

You’re here

I want to slap your face
Until your pain matches mine
Are you lying to me
Keeping secrets?
When you’re not here

You’re here

The only one who comes
The only one who cares
I love you for coming
For being here
With me

You’re here
I wish I was there
Hear it live at

— The End —