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 Sep 2017
Star BG
As Glorious sun rises
over horizon I breath deep
awakening to who I am.

The song in wind plays
anointing feet
for wing-like dance.

The song of heart
energies self
so I see with new eyes.

The song of change
echoes inside inner self
to smile and share light.

My rebirth has begun
to dance in poetic words
and tickle readers eyes.

I am anchored on journey.
I have found my heart.
I am blessed.
inspired by EraOf Light  Sananda: Connect With Your Heart
She comes to him
  while he dreams
     floating down
to lay upon him
kisses so sweet
for she loves him
so very deep.

              With her loving
               embracing light
                  she wraps
                around him
               holding tight
                  her eyes
            he sees her love
          as the stars witness
         from the skies above.

He reaches for her
to gently place
the sweetest kiss
upon her crying face
he caresses
her body
while touching
her soul
as together they become
of one whole.

          The love they create
            so deep and true
        from the dusk of night
        til mornings first dew
when all is done and all is said
            upon his chest
         she lays her head
     hearing his heart beat
            for her alone
     a greater love
                     she's never known.
 Sep 2017
Valsa George
caught a sunbeam
I pocketed it
for a wintry day
Playful children.

Beneath playful white clouds.

In blue sky.


Among playful autumn leaves.





On this playful day.
A mystic breeze
called out to me,
with shimmers of light
and mystery.

Deep in dreams
my soul took flight,
into the stars
through the blue of night.

Through colors of light
made of night and day,
to this peaceful place
I found my way.

Seeping with beauty
filled by grace,
my heart I found
in this mystical place.

With the call of heart
I flew into the night,
to my haven of rest
my true hearts delight.
Down the aisle she came
an image of bliss,
dressed in purple and white
elegance, wrapped in a kiss.

The flow of her hair
the petals under her feet,
the roses and lavender
all simple and sweet.

Such a lovely vison
this lady in white,
and the man by her side,
enchanted by her light.

The music played lightly
as the vows were read,
all listened passionately
to every word being said.

The kiss so sensual
with a magical air,
showing all who witnessed
the love they share.

And then they danced
a dance all their own,
looking deep into the eyes
of their forever home.
Written for my son and daughter in-laws wedding
 Aug 2017
Emily B
But i need a day
To lay in bed
And twine toes with somebody
And stare at the ceiling

A day to talk
About nonsense
And be really heard

And laughter
I could use
Lots of that

I just need
A day

Or two or three
 Aug 2017
Melissa S
I am stronger than I ever knew
I have found thanks to you
Change keeps coming at me
and I just let it blow right on through
I've made bad mistakes
but I don't have to admit defeat
To fight fear we must first take that leap
I might not have won the fight just yet
but I will never just lie down with regret
Change can be scary...
but do you know what's scarier?
Allowing fear to hold you back
No more expectations....
**I am responsible
for my own happiness :)
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