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Wellan Xi
Wellan Xi   Creator
Ashley Browne
Ashley Browne   Editor
Sally A Bayan
Sally A Bayan   Editor
F/Manila, Philippines    As I See Myself Right Now, Content........settled here thankful........I'm no longer there yet...glad........I'd been there... ^^^ I Am Filled With Gratitude... ^^^ Sally
wordvango   Member
"The unexamined life is not worth living."
V S Ramstack
V S Ramstack   Member
Minneapolis    To find more of my poetry, check out my blog:
PrttyBrd   Member
My words may not always be eloquent, but they are true. Writing to purge my soul rather than to please another is cathartic. Enjoy my ...
Kim Denise
Kim Denise   Member
24/F/Philippines    i always come back
calpurnia mockingbird
Cardiff    I work in mental health which is pretty stressful sometimes so my outpourings are my release. Please note that all works posted by me are ...
ryn   Member
🇸🇬    Wield them proud for they are your own. Words are yours to cast in stone. Unsheathe them with reason and rhyme. Reveal them so they ...
anonymous   Member
I like poetry. I like to read it and I like to write really mediocre ones. Heh.
Ariel Baptista
Ariel Baptista   Member
Montreal, Quebec    If you like my work, find my blog at (Ariel Baptista is a pen name)
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue   Member
Waiting and praying for someone
Marshall Gass
Marshall Gass   Member
Auckland New Zealand    Businessman, Teacher,Poet,Novelist,Dreamer,Researcher,Management Consultant. Have 2 Masters Degrees. 2 PG Diplomas and an incomplete PhD. Have published widely in Technology, TechEd, Science, Poetry, Journals, Opinions, Philosophy,Business ...
The Girl Who Loves You
Within My Heart    Just writing what I think, what I feel and everything inbetween. As Poe said "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within ...
Maximilian Ilagan
Maximilian Ilagan   Member
Cebu, Philippines    // Twitter | Instagram: @mxmilagan All poems would be included in my book, "Stringed Letters", which is currently in the works.
Margrethe H K
Margrethe H K   Member
alex   Member
Texas    I talked to God & she said I'm strong.
Shaded Lamp
Shaded Lamp   Member
Sweden    Here to undress my mind and parade it in public.
Ekuu   Member
India    Can't poetry capture impressions,express feelings, and also be a source of knowledge? Why shd we suppose science has a monopoly on knowledge? Poems are a ...
Tallulah   Member
California    Fiction is the closest I've ever gotten to the truth
Céline   Member
Welcome to my world, beautiful soul. Let's exchange casual thoughts and explore each other's minds.
purity   Member
florida    tasting the wonders, you'll find me amongst the stars
Meg Goodfellow
Meg Goodfellow   Member
Australia    "one day I will find the right words and they will be perfect"
amrutha   Member
21/F/Building galaxies within    We are all strange in our own ways We are all dancing to the music of things
Christine Ueri
Christine Ueri   Member
Kelly Rose
Kelly Rose   Member
F/Port Charlotte, FL    Love to read, love to learn I don't claim to be a poet, just set down thoughts and feelings Sometimes see life through a dark ...
SøułSurvivør   Member
A writer and an artist. A musician as well. In need of a Savior, I was just a shell. I was a heavy drinker. Alcoholic, ...
Patrick N
Patrick N   Member
Ireland    To be a poet is a condition, not a profession. -Robert Frost
elizabeth capital
elizabeth capital   Member
nowhere town usa.    I try to write from the heart, so my poetry is random. (Like me) And when I'm not writing poetry I'm usually, playing video games,dancing, ...
ahmo   Member
Portland, ME    nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands
rained-on parade
rained-on parade   Member
Sheffield, England    Sylvie. You don't know me yet.
William A Poppen
William A Poppen   Member
Tennessee    William Poppen is retired and spends most of his time writing poems, taking photos, and hiking. Published in New Millennium Writings, 2007-08 and The Creative ...
Missy   Member
Wisconsin    Colorful tales of a achromatic life. Words spoken influenced by only mind, heart, body, and soul of the one of a kind poet.
Sky   Member
21/F/Colorado // instagram: @serrated.moth // Write to get it out. Write to make room for better things. Write til' your fingers cramp.
Nancy E Tracy
Nancy E Tracy   Member
Texas    I have been writing poetry since the '70's. I like whimsical poetry. I have won a few awards when I was active in "World of ...
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