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 Apr 4
“if you are not recovering, you are dying”
 Apr 4
Shaina Bhatti
Burning yor are
Melting i am.
 Apr 1
never date a poet because they’ll
expose your lies with the stroke
of a pen and leave you to bleed out
your sorrows.
 Apr 1
i am sorry
that when you broke
i didn't help you back together
but started checking your pieces
to see if any of them could serve
to fill my missing ones
im okay
In a drop of you, I lost an ocean of me.
 Mar 25
Take back
all your fake flowers
I hate fake love
 Mar 15
Grace E
No matter how much she tries
Blushes and buffs
Dips and foams
Softens or scuffs
The resounding feedback is:
You’re just.. not good enough
the industry first create insecurity’s in us women, by showing us what a true woman should be like, the photoshopped essence of feminine beauty. Then, caters to our insecurities, by selling us all the creams, lotions, potions, goos, and spells we need to be good enough. It’s wack, but I guess that’s how it goes.
 Mar 15
Use my broken parts
Replace your missing pieces
Both cannot be whole
Maybe together we can make one actual human being
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