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She had a whirling hurricane
Raging inside her

He was as still
As a ship on a peaceful ocean

Their worlds collided
And never had there been a better match
For he was the calm to her storm
Only three more days of torture **
Unlike all the general stereotypes,
Unlike the degrading things people say,
There's an extraordinarily amazing continent
Filled with aesthetically pleasing beauty,
And music making the laziest of people dance.
Bright and bubbly, giving us energy.
People here use their bodies
To express themselves where words fail.
Incredibly fascinating movements for hours on end,
That interest people who would otherwise be endlessly bored.
[African Groove]
One small change
Can make an enormous difference.

What you thought would be okay
Turned you against the world.
thoughts from february fourteenth;

No one else alone, just me. Hence the word alone.
Only my dreams to send a rose to.

NO, no thank you. Love is not for me.
I'm perfectly fine being with myself.
At first
You don't realise
Exactly what is happening.

Then suddenly
Everything changes.

Your days get brighter
Your smile gets bigger
And your world just becomes

All it takes
Is one person
To make your life
Worth living.

Because sometimes
You meet someone
And your whole universe
Just comes into focus.
I see her,
The bright light,
Amongst her friends
In a faraway place.

I breathe for a minute,
And the flashback starts...

I'm with her,
And she's upset
Because she has to leave.

She fakes a smile
And walks away.
My heart drops to my feet;
I just lost my best friend.

My thoughts return to reality
Although I'd rather just stay
In the fantasy land
Lost inside my mind.

I can't escape from this world again,
So I try to make the best of it.

I call her name,
Over and over,
But she doesn't notice
That I am standing here.

People walk by
With their judging glares.

And I realize
I'm just a crazy person
Screaming at the night sky.
Brightening dull days,
Putting smiles on sad faces.
Bringing out your
c r e a t i v i t y .
Your eyes focus on her astounding beauty,
Admiring her magnificent curled hair;
As her head begins to slowly turn.
You stare for a while,
Hoping to have found your soulmate.
Unaware of the dreadful consequences awaiting.

You meet her gaze.

Suddenly you realize that they were right:

Looks can ****.
Wandering around;
Nowhere to go.
Watching as people pass by;
Smiling and laughing together;
Leaving me alone with no home.

— The End —