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 Mar 21
Cynthia Jean

Only a Creator
Can hang the stars
And spin the  planets.

Cynthia Jean
March 21, 2020
Happy spring!
Oh I can see you now
I can see the love in your eyes
I Stop and stare
And see the wonderful love
That was shed upon a cross

Beautiful Saviour
I see your love
But I hide my tears
they are embedded in my dreams

My heart won’t let me forget
Your wonderful story
Of a love that has so much to give
My past say’s I am not good enough.
But my heart says reach out to your hand
Jesus says, “I have waited for you my child,
To heal a broken past”
Sleep like a baby
Or climb the walls all night long.
 May 2018
Gracie Knoll
Opening my eyes
I find it hard to understand how anyone
Can think it was all an accident

Such diversity
Such creativity
Such extravagance

A mistake?

Such beauty
Such complexity
Such an abundance

An anomaly somehow created this.
An anomaly that created itself.
I would much rather believe in a God so powerful, beautiful, merciful, and loving that he created all this for you, and I, and all the world to enjoy.

Such intentionality
Such personality
Such a God!

A creator so mighty he can never be confused, stumped, stopped, or overcome by the created.

Such love
Such mercy
Such grace

Nothing I can do will ever separate me from the love and mercy and grace of this God.
Blessed Sunday <3
 Nov 2017
leona chaput
When I look at sunset beauty
I say here is Jesus
When I stare at mountains awesome
And the wonder that they are
I say here is Jesus
When an infant child is born
That's the beginning of hope in Jesus
Vast and great stars and galaxies
Shining endless in eternity
Reaching where no man could live
That's the greatness of Jesus
That's the power, the majesty
The witness of humanity
More than any man can say
But to behold and wonder
To rejoice and believe
In the meaning of the truth
We have in the holiness of Jesus

      By:  Leona Chaput
A blanket of cold white.
Covers the landscape.
As nature begins.
Her Winter sleep.
Beautiful white.
Clothing everything in sight.
Yet the sun still shines warm.
With light upon white.
Snow lit up.
Brilliant bright.
God above chose to create snow.
The colour white.
For He is good.
And washes my sin away.
Snowy white.
God above who is wrapped in Light.
Created light.
That we might not stumble in darkness.
For He created all things right.

A blanket of cold white.
Covers the landscape.
Beautiful white.
Light upon white.
Proclaiming the goodness of God.
Who does all things right.
Who does all things with Love.
Like Light.
Pink, yellow, orange, and blue.
Lights up the sky.
With brilliant hue.
Glorious! Glorious!
Through her car window.
Then a deer...
So majestic.
With graceful legs and strong antlers.
Leaps across the plain.
By the side of the road.
So majestic.
So beautiful.
So triumphant.
Glorious!  Glorious!

She is reminded of Truth.
Which pours forth from her lips.
"I shall leap like a hart,
upon my high places.
I shall gallop like a deer,
upon every difficult hill.
Upon every difficult trial.
I shall leap like the beautiful deer.
He showed me along my way.
With His Spirit within me.
I can claim victory."
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