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 Dec 2020 jenna
Ashly Kocher
What does the future hold
Grab ahold of time and rewind
Maybe fast forward to simpler times
Never knowing the unknown
May be scary to find
But it’s never to late to focus and wait
Reimagining how far you have come and grown
Like flipping through a scrapbook of memories that you hold
Explains to your younger self this is your story to tell
Ups and downs, valleys and peaks, rivers and oceans deep
We all have layers to our own lives but these layers within ourselves make up our chapters to our storybook through our eyes...
 Jun 2019 jenna
Ashly Kocher
Empty chair
Empty wine glass
Emptiness in my heart
Photographs for memories
Broken hearts, missing you
A poem, a writing, a song, a cardinal, a butterfly, a penny, a dream....
All these things remind me of you
A strong and hard working man you were
I have the same traits, as I live for you
I hope I am making you proud in all I do
I talk to you everyday
          Do you even hear me?
In my heart, I know you do!
Even though you are no longer here
Believe me, it’s been a hard almost 5 years
Another day we celebrate YOU
For on this Father’s Day
I send my love to heaven for you
Broken memories will never fade away
I wish I had more time, wish you would have stayed
Unfortunately you were sick and there was nothing left to do
So I told you to close your eyes, relax and just let go
It was he hardest thing I ever had to do
But I am thankful I have many years, so today it’s all about you

An empty chair
An empty wine glass
An emptiness in my heart
Photographs for memories
Broken hearts, missing you...
         Happy Father’s Day Papa Bear
 Mar 2019 jenna
m daly
d. ii.
 Mar 2019 jenna
m daly
was your touch as sacred
as i made it
or just the pieces
of a teenage dream
 Mar 2019 jenna
m daly
my hand writing isn’t flowing
curving cursive
like a finger teasing down your spine
it’s rough
like the goosebumps
i wish i gave you
i want to decipher the brail on your arms
but i am not bold enough to touch you
 Mar 2019 jenna
m daly
stale bones
 Mar 2019 jenna
m daly
hope for an accident
hope for injury
not so that you
feel something
a stale trope
you already feel too much
hope for
marginal catastrophe
hope for
the ability to point
to that one thing
and say that is why
 Mar 2019 jenna
bad poetry
 Mar 2019 jenna
thank god i can’t write good poetry
the best poetry comes from pain and hurt if you ask me
so although i can’t write like i used to
at least it means i’m doing alright
hurting is healing
 Mar 2019 jenna
when i type Major in google
it offers major tom or
major depressive disorder as hints
and they really are the same answer
if the question is space oddity

my father used to tell me the problem
are we alone in the universe
is solved by dialectic materialism
if mind is a matter
there's really can be only one mind
it does explain my brain
that's the size of a planet
but still leaves me at odds
with the feeling
of cosmic loneliness
 Aug 2018 jenna
Blade Maiden
In the blink of an eye
I lost myself
I said goodbye
I turned my head and went
I turned it again and again.
Til it send
all my past selves to fly with the wind
By the morning I was born anew
And yesterday had sinned
I left my old clothes on the windowsill
I might pick them up and fly right out
One day, yes, first I'll climb this hill
Get all the way on top of it
with feet sore of rocky walks
with shoes that never really fit
I'll get up there just to see
to find there is
another me
And maybe here I'll find
life is not what life once was
it's really all a state of mind
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