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anna Jun 9
Hi  (i miss you)
How are you? (please talk to me)
I'm good (every waking moment of my day i'm dying a little thinking of you)
What's new? (just stay with me a little longer)
LOL (i love you)
Cool! (i love you)
Sure (i love you)
Byeeeee (i wish i was able to touch your lips with my lips and send words from tongue to tongue)

Sorry, wrong chat
anna Mar 8
it threads from end to end
of me
coming through my eyes
(god, it's easier for a camel!)
my torn clothing
and my howling mouth
anna Oct 2020
i imagine i will stop mid-sentence

my palm flitting and brushing its fingers
against your cheek
like a maple leaf in the autumn air

my gaze dissolving in your eyes
like a drop of mint in a cup of dark chocolate

butterflies kicking the solar plexus

i imagine your lips
will be warm and dry
and taste pink
anna Jul 2020
silent fragrant friday night
in my stuffy suburbia
as i walk
bourbon street via dolorosa,
dolores on a dotted line.
warm-lit windows -
amber eyes of empty houses
dreaming of prize family.
might as well be staring from space,
floating in the airless vastness,
my whole life in the palm of my hand.
4 months of nominal flight
with my brain in a lockup
anna Jun 2020
i wish i were twenty
minus years
minus kilos
minus politics wars breakups betrayals
plus illusions
minus deaths

but the main reason
i wish i were twenty
if i were twenty
i would say i love you
anna May 2020
the feelings are obcsene.
a disease slithering through intestines,
perpetual motion of ouroboros.
a pet curling up in the creases,
nuzzling furry ***.
a baby craving in the big unknown,
a parting extention of intimacy.
the feelings are entangled
like a warm belly button lint
noone wants to see
don't share
don't care
anna May 2019
you know you wanted to have children
because there's nothing else like having children

and you have resolved to try anything once
drugs, countries, racing, dancing all night, threesomes,


the thing is, once you have kids, you can't have nothing else

having kids is like having this repetitive job where your mates are slightly dumb
(but they're growing on you)
and there's no time off ever
and the pay is scarce
but you were promised that one day you will get a miraculous reward
may be in ten years, may be later
so you can't complain
or your reward will be smaller or nothing at all

it's not as simple as lack of autonomy
you are an extention of their anatomy

having kids is like having a second heart outside of your body
and it constantly hurts

but they do give you answers to life's hardest questions
because they keep asking you life's hardest questions
at 7am and you have to go searching
for carton of milk, clean clothes
and a meaning of life

they teach you to say i love you

they teach you that your strength is finite

they teach you that your strength is actually infinite

they teach you to be santa and tooth fairy and mother of dragons
and everything there is to know about robots and vampires

they teach you that you are the most beautiful, wise and love-deserving human on earth

but your life worth nothing

mom, what day is today?
and what happens to us when we die?
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