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Christina C May 2015
the sinister smile of teardrops hitting the glass  
the shards of the window laying ****** on the carpet  
the sky turns dark i cannot help but compare it to this
sickness that crawls through my skin and out of my mouth and onto the paper
the glass is inside of my legs but i can't care
i can't feel anything but your hands around my throat
Christina C May 2015
forgetting the traces of who i knew you to be and scraping off the dried blood
along my legs
and my wrists and picking the scabs of almost healed wounds
from when you slid your precious knife of prose across my skin
which carved our initials inside of a heart but skin doesn't last like bark does
and when we carved our poem into the concrete it dried only over my name
and our love is forever carved
into the sidewalk
along my hands.
Christina C May 2015
leaving behind the scars and bruises
covering them up with ****** band aids that have dirt all over them anyway
at least theyre hidden
i'll tell my friends about you and bite the inside of my cheek and hope blood doesn't spill out of the side of my face and hope the bruises don't show through the ****** makeup i put on my black eyes
tears don't even fall anymore except when i'm alone or when my mother tells me how destroyed i am
Christina C May 2015
he walks with grace and an
unmistakable insecurity that tip toes with delicacy and an
unusual acceptance towards the idea of death which is probably better than those
who are afraid
he holds their hands
and then crushes them
he isn't mine anymore
Christina C May 2015
thinking of things only you would catch the light in
and things only your hands could touch with the necessary delicacy
like the sun on curtains on a Sunday afternoon
and an uncomfortable sense of nostalgia
Christina C May 2015
lovely silence brushes over me
in ribbons of forgotten promises
and the wrong kind
of contentment
Christina C May 2015
coffee stains and
empty pens and
toothpaste on the sink and open scissors
and laundry no one bothered to put away and an unplugged clock and
an open window and a
lamp with a lightbulb that's out and a scratched door and peeling stickers
and a cracked phone screen and a
dresser with all its drawers pulled out and an unmade bed
and shampoo bottles left open and
an open cereal box on top of the chair
and a sleeping girl
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