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Lyn Camm Oct 2017
Yes, please show me your fine example of superiority after neglecting information previously shared with you.

Turning my day off into a day of home repairs.

Oh, Thank You! You're right I should feel just fine with your display of disrespect, casually ruining a surprise it took years to make.

It's hard to "Miss" something I had told your better half about just an hour ago.

We should meet up, I would love to hear those articulated excuses you've spent days perfecting without the acceptance of any blame.

You can just pin that on my so called poor communication.
I'm done taking in all your bull S**T!
Lyn Camm Aug 2017
I got to go see your first home, simple.
Just like you.
I got to re live some of your old experiences.
Again simple.
I got to hear stories of you, told from a loving point of view.

They all kept your spirit alive.
Adventitious, and daring, yet simple, and sweet. Someone honest and true.
They don't make them like you.
Not anymore.

My heart aches less knowing you're okay.
My heart stays strong from loving you.
Lyn Camm Aug 2017
Not to be brought about by possesions.
Though it looks like now no one understands.

Happiness lays in the trees, humming along as the leaves sway.
It forms in the sounds you hear distantly while you sit, and breathe.

Happiness comes to those who are open to it; not to those trying to force it.
Lyn Camm Aug 2017
I remember when hating everything was cool, but then all of a sudden it wasn't?
It's too late,
I'm filled with this hate, an anger you helped create.
It seeps from my pours,
It makes up my floors:
And I can't break its hold; the hands already closed.
The power I thought I had you took when you left;
It lied in my head.
Lyn Camm Aug 2017
I'm all about development, and growth while you're just hanging by the same rope.
Lyn Camm Jul 2017
It's taking everything I have not to message you back.
It's not fair I have to stay strong while you play these head games.
I hate the way you plague me.
Lyn Camm Jul 2017
Your coco tan skin, and long wavy hair, this bitter mountain air just wasn't for you.
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