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Beautiful Shame Jul 2014
I never told you I loved you, when you needed it most.
You never knew my love in you & now you never will.
Is love suppose to hurt?
You'll never know the other side of me, the positive side.
Oh how I miss you.
Oh how I will never forget.
Forget the unsaid I Love You.
I love my family so much that if any of them are to die, a piece of me will die with them.
Beautiful Shame Jul 2014
I love men.

They inspire me in their dominant ways.

I love the way they protect yet can sympathize.

The way you can feel there emotions through there eyes.

I love all men not just some.

I'm glad God created them.
This doesn't even touch on my love for men, but I thought I would keep it short & simple.
Beautiful Shame Jul 2014
You rid yourself of the pain...
• By drowning your sorrows in alcohol.
• By burning your misery in a blunt.
• By cutting yourself.
But guess what?
At the end of the day you still feel empty            & lonly inside, because the temporary
relief is well temporary. So you just can't quite get rid of the feelings of pain but you can learn to live with it
               & keep on walking down your road of life where you will one day heal with time.
(*-*) (:.:) ('.') (+.+)
Beautiful Shame Jul 2014
Sally sit & stare at the blank white wall.
Expressionless & stiff like a plastic doll.
Her blue grey eyes show no thoughts at all.

But in Sally's head is an escape route.
She dreams of a tall thin man in a fancy suit,
on there dates they have picnics with lots of fruit.
In Sally's head life is quite swell.
But in reality Sally was very ill.
She can't see the difference between real & fake.
Sally's real life is no piece of cake.
Her childhood history would make the bravest shake.
But in Sally's head she is safe,
so inside Sally's head, she will stay.
That is until she met Shay.
They became best friends through thick & thin.
Finally now Sally could truly see again.
Just trying some story type poems.
Beautiful Shame Jul 2014
I don't want him in that way
He rejected me once,
When I wanted him in that way.
           But now I live my life wondering why?
          Many men like me.
          I'm good looking.
I don't get it.....
        ­                            acted
         ­   I'm not mean.
            I apologize for my mistakes.
            I'm forgiving.
What else could he possibly need?
  Why     do     I      care     !?!?
I no longer see him in that way, yet I'll do anything to just know he likes me a little.
(-.-) comment if any of you have been through a similar situation. I need to know I'm not alone on this.
Beautiful Shame Jul 2014
She never had the best life.
Her brother used to always beat on her.
So at a young age she experienced the feelings of worthlessness.
As she grew up her parents taught her wrong, encouraged bad behavior, that's my girl they would say.
When puberty hit, she wasn't just that wild child anymore.
Now she was a downhill spiral.
She no longer knew self-control, or common morals.
She met drugs & "fun" friends.
Together they experienced different practices.
Few were good.
And now she walks around like she's in a rush, like a stiff, frantic, paranoid person.
You know what I'm trying to say.
A crack head.
Where did that beautiful, innocent little girl go?
Why couldn't you have been strong?
Why did you have to change?
Why did you never like yourself the way you were?
Why did you give up?
You were precious!
You ruined yourself.
But the question that hurts the most, is did you overdose on purpose......?
I Hate drugs.
Beautiful Shame Jul 2014
I just can't take the emotions so strong!
     I need to get up and out before it's been too long.
Inside my chest beats a frantic bird
     And broken dreams which you never understood.
Untie my wings and let me soar! Why do you keep me down if you have nothing in store.
     Forcing me to overdose on my own emotions!
Emotions of internal suffering, high found happiness and unstoppable anger.
     Help me please, don't leave me to die, my patience is running dry, as I'm submerged in my inner feelings.
     I must act.
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