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 Nov 2015 Azrael-Always
 Nov 2015 Azrael-Always
lies make people cold, hard, and stiff.
they make whole people become broken pieces and
they sure as hell only cause more trouble in this already fallen world.

so don't bother lying because
it'll only hurt you more in the
it feels like I've been under truth serum all week. Constantly having to tell the truth and be upfront sometimes *****, but it's better than living in the lies that I have been since as long as I can remember.
I would say I'm sorry, but I don't think I am.
I like this new life,
it's better than the last one.
Also, this is a universal "you" because I've told enough lies in my life to know that we all lie. Sometimes in times of need and sometimes because we just simply cannot help ourselves. Most of mine were in times of need (like being in a relationship that I know my parents wouldn't approve of) so yeah, it can apply to anyone.
Just...try not to lie. It's best if you don't.
I came across a quote that said:
"Never stopped chasing the one you love"
And tears streamed down my face,
And my heart ached,
When I remember how I chased after your love
So wearily,
And how you ran away so tirelessly.

It's hard to be young,
Fumbling thoughts
Clumsy fingers,
Too old to be fun;
Too young to have a 'real' opinion
And the ******* opposite ***
And thank-you, irrelevant stressful classes.
The silver moon sighs,
Softly darkening skies,
Trapped in her crystal net;

The sun parades on
With a sapphire yawn,
Chasing his sweet Juliette
Luminescent, phosphorescent,

It flickers and gleams and
Shines all

Sun, moon, stars
I wish I

Shine and shimmer and
Glimmer so
The telltale rattle of old bones
Hangs in the thin night air
From tenuous strings
Of what once was
 Nov 2015 Azrael-Always
 Nov 2015 Azrael-Always
So when they sigh and say you're not perfect
That you're too good for them
Too normal and plain
That they don't deserve you
That it's not you, it's them
Wipe your tears
For imperfect never looked good on anyone else
For too good to be true is a once in a lifetime occurrence
For normal is good, your crazy is just in check
For you deserve the best and should never have to settle
Raise your head
It really isn't you, you are you and that is always enough
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