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  May 2019 aury
im not really sure,
what i was looking for,
but all i wanna do,
is lay in bed with you.
  May 2019 aury
Following your heart is one of the most dangerous adventures you could ever decide to pursue

My heart runs so freely
While my mind runs frantically after trying to pick up the scattered pieces of my everything left on the dirt path
  May 2019 aury
like you're
just a supporting cast

when you're
the main character

get up
dress up
change the world
  May 2019 aury
The Red Woman
my head feels so full
and so empty
at the same time
it feels like nothing
and everything
at the same time
aury May 2019
i will no longer resent you
and all that you are
i won't ask the night sky why
why why why
you entered my life
there won't be a you sized hole in my chest
that brings pain every time i breathe
and i will forgive you
for making me love you
i will feel no regret
when you come to mind
i will be at peace with what was
and what will never be
but today is not that day
  May 2019 aury
Skylar Turner
i wasn’t born to create
tear stains in my pillow at night.

i was born to draw
blood from bone
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