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The Red Woman Sep 2020
i have written words
in the same pace
as my history was being written
i tried writing my past
as so many had suggested
and yet
it never worked
so i started writing my future
and look where i am
The Red Woman Apr 2020
writing a book
  Feb 2020 The Red Woman
And when you left
I overwatered all your flowers
The Red Woman Dec 2019
my writers block
takes my breath a way
- but not in a good sense
i’ll grasp for air
searching for words
i’m not breathing
but i’m not dying either
  Dec 2019 The Red Woman
Writing has always been a fickle friend to me;
Sometimes the only thing standing between me and a masterpiece
Is the mood to write.
The Red Woman Dec 2019
we drive home in silence
because someone wronged us
and therefore
we wrong each other
The Red Woman Dec 2019
when christmas came around
the world wrapped me
in wrapping paper
made of anxiety
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