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my heart is jet black
and it still beats for you
i want to feel your love
like rain falling down
but the only thing i'm feeling
is sadness
falling down as teardrops
i don't know what i want from you
i don't know what i want from myself
i just know
that i'm a certain type of way with you
i'm me
the best version of me
dear you
i wish i was beside you
the one to keep you warm at night
the one to give you comfort in life
and praise every single asepct of you
but i'm broken
and scared
my heart wants to come home
but i can't
The Red Woman May 16
my own reflection disgusts me
i wish i could change my body
and or
the way i view myself

if it was anyone but myself
i wouldn't care
The Red Woman May 16
my heart aches
for a love
that consumes me
my heart aches
for true recognition
and my heart aches
for my own acceptance
The Red Woman May 16
i would give up
the thrills of a
thousand lifetimes
just to be yours
for a single day
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