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Audrey Lucille Aug 2014
and sleek
cursed my
I was so overwhelmed you saw right through me where as I could merely only see the thin outline that contained what was inside of you.
But my outline
which made it easier for you.
I could not see into your thoughts like you could mine, nor was your body language easy to read.
Weeks ahead of time I should have noticed what was wrong.
Audrey Lucille Aug 2014
Being deleted

Is like
Every time
Swallow something.
Audrey Lucille Aug 2014
For some reason I have aged
than the normal human race would.

I am older than any human alive.
I am older than the trees grounded to earth by their roots
and the purest water that flows in a place no being has ever discovered.
I am older than Christ
I am older than dinosaurs
I am older than earth itself.

But normally when people ask me, I make it simple by thinking up a random number such as 
you could say I look
for my age, but all I can see when I look in the mirror is
Audrey Lucille Jul 2014
When you touch me I am immediately turned on.
Your hands are always warm
and your skin is soft.
I love when we are about to stop kissing
the last few kisses grow
and longer.
When you press your pelvis against mine I can't help but think
about how wonderful it's going to be to make love to you
Audrey Lucille Jun 2014
That feeling
A churning of the stomach
At one simple thought.
A moment that changed things.

A churning of the stomach
A churning of the stomach
That one simple thought
That changed things

What happened
Holding your hair back on your own.

Be independent
But you can't
You won't
You need them to hold your hair back for you.
You can't prolong, that which makes you sad.
Audrey Lucille May 2014
Sleep well,
For the past is a
Constant burning plain
Sending smoke signals
Of worries and fears
But the future
Is a sting of wind my dear!
Let it come
And it shall set you free.

-anonymous first love
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