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Anna Li Dec 2016
Right now,
my world is in black and white
I feel nothing, I feel numb

I feel like drowning
but I'm not underwater
I feel like suffocating
but nobody's strangling me

I feel like my world is about to end
but in reality, its just me
Its just me thinking that
Its just me because I'm all alone
Anna Li © Dec 2016
Anna Li Oct 2016
Take a chance on me
I'll make you really happy
Every moment you'll spend with me
will be joyous for eternity

Take my hand, come with me
I'll take you away from here
We'll go somewhere, our sanctuary
You'll never shed another tear

Take my heart, its now yours
I'll always be by your side
I'll love you and take care of you
We'll be together 'till the end of time
Anna Li © Oct 2016
Anna Li Oct 2016
I always felt strange whenever I'm happy
I always thought things should happen differently

These good things are not meant for me
Please, take me back to reality

Can somebody save me from this cruel insanity?
I feel like drowning in disappointments and uncertainty

Is this happiness really for me?
Or is fate playing a game to hurt me intentionally

This time, can't you allow me to be happy?
I want to know the feeling of not being lonely
Anna Li © Oct 2016
Anna Li Oct 2016
You're that big "What if"
I know I'll probably regret
But I don't want to entertain
all these feelings that I have

I tell myself it'll be a mistake
to go and fall for you
Too late now, I've already fallen
What have I got myself into?

I dream about you and me,
all the things that we could be
I know they'll never come true,
if I keep loving you silently

I wish I could tell you words,
"Oh its you, I adore"
Though I know you're with someone
But I hope you'd hold out for more
Anna Li © Oct 2016
Anna Li Sep 2016
I thought forgetting you
will be easy
But you filled my head
with so much memory

Now all the time
I feel lonely
Because I know
you'll never be with me

I wonder if you feel
such sadness too
We could've been
but we chose not to

On rainy days,
I think of you
The moment time froze
just for us two
Anna Li © Sept 2016
Anna Li Sep 2016
You got me trapped in a cage
that you desperately call love
You love me when I'm useful
and you hate me when I'm not

Is this what love is supposed to be?
You just damaged all of me
Isn't love supposed to make you feel warm,
secured, safe, and carefree?

Is this all that love has to offer?
Or is it just you?
Am I really a pitiful lover
whose leaving is long overdue?

I have to leave from here
This all has to end
I need to go now
Please let go of my hand
Anna Li © Sept 2016
Anna Li Sep 2016
The first time I met you,
I didn't think of you much
But then there was a spark,
when our hands first touched

Time went by
We talked night and day
We grew closer and closer
I have so much to say

I started to notice
I think of you often
I incorporate your name
with every word spoken

This can't be right
I am falling for you
All the time, I wonder
If you feel the same too

I am going insane
I don't know what to do
Should I tell you how I feel?
Would you say you love me too?
Anna Li © Sept 2016
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