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 May 2015 Abigail Marie
 May 2015 Abigail Marie
As you spun me around your room,
never once stepping on my toes,
I knew that we were invincible, unstoppable.
i never got a chance to touch your body the way she did but i did touch you the way she couldn't

I asked her why she cut herself,
and she said,
"Because death has an edge
and life is pointless."
She asked that I not
write a poem
romanticizing suicide,
just a poem about
how hard it can be
to celebrate life.
 May 2015 Abigail Marie
I. You told me that you saw the universe in my eyes whenever we stared at each other for longer than six seconds. The universe is infinite and I thought you were comparing it to our love.

II. You fell in love with the way I laughed and acted around you because I reminded you of a rose bud that you planted on your garden. Little did you know, a rose has its thorns and I'm guessing you weren't prepared for that.

III. The first time you looked at me with tears streaming down my cheeks, you blamed me for being so ugly looking. I was cursing myself when you walked out the door and didn't look back.

IV. Months after you left and I was buried deep under the ground, he found me. ***** and covered in mud, he washed me from head to toe. I knew I'd fall for him.

V. He and I had our first kiss on New Year's Eve and he gave me hope more than you ever did. I knew I deserved him.

VI. I saw you walking down the street while I was holding his hand and the next thing I knew, you were screaming so loud I could barely understand what you said. Later, I found out that you were cursing me for being freed by him from where you buried me.

VII. I found a letter by the front door the very next day and all that it said was how the writer could still see the mud on my face and on my back, just like the last time they saw me. I knew the writer was you.

VIII. The night he found out about the letter, he hugged me ever so tightly and he swore he wouldn't let anybody harm me. Let the Power above dealt with the problem.

IX. I'm happier than ever now that I know I have someone whom I can hold on to. I don't even see any mud on my face; it is you who's covered with dirt the most.
I wrote this for my friend and I thought, well, I'd post it here!
 May 2015 Abigail Marie
She is the smell of new books.

Shes is hot chocolate, and a blanket, on a snowy day.

She is that first bite of big mac after a night out.

She is red and blue, side by side.

She is 8-bit games.

She is staying awake till 5 in the morning.

She is anaphoric.

She is oblivious.
 May 2015 Abigail Marie
Shh, don't talk to me.
Please. I'd rather be with the moon
Bottles line up with emotion.
Stored away in the back cellar.
Journals and journals
cluttered the bookshelves.
Not trusting anyone but the
lovely pages.
Don't ask me if I'm alright.
I only want the moon.
 May 2015 Abigail Marie
missing you
is like swimming
at first you're
fine, but the
longer you go
without air,
the bigger the
ache and the strain
pretty soon your
body is begging
for it but you can't
get it.
in my case,
its my soul
that is missing you.
 Nov 2014 Abigail Marie
Jaimi M
Bite me;
show me your inner
Inflict on me
the power
of your emotions.
I want to feel
your pain,
take away
your sadness,
and live through
your pleasure.
I never liked my name very much until I tasted it on your tongue.
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