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  Oct 2015 ajp
I guess I won that stupid fight of "I love you more."
  Oct 2015 ajp
Parker Louis
You used to like the word **** until it was screamed at you with sheer malice
You used to like green tea until a mug of it was thrown at you and it shattered against the wall
You used to like smoking until a cigarette scorched your skin
You used to like letters until one was never sent back
You used to like adventures until you got lost
You used to love me
You used to
2/22/2014. I wrote this while at a friend of the girl I was dating's house  when her mom yelled "****"t (Which to me is sexist and shouldn't be used) and it made me uncomfortable and inspired this.
  Aug 2015 ajp
you're addictive
i know you're killing me
each time i inhale and exhale
i'm slowly killing myself
but, it's gone to the point
where i don't even care
hiii um, i don't really know what this was??? this is my first poem so... sorry if it's kind of bad.
  Aug 2015 ajp
the reason why i say
"no, i'm not pretty."
is because i do not refer myself
as beautiful or stunning or cute
i refer myself as art
if you look into my eyes
i can make you feel something
right then and there.
i like writing poems even though i'm not the greatest at it and plus i'm still kind of new. haha.
  Aug 2015 ajp
the most saddest people have the brightest smiles
the most shyest people have the loudest minds
the most happiest people have the saddest sobs
ajp Aug 2015
Maybe one day the stars will go out,
And the moon will explode,
But let me tell you this:
I will still love you.
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