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Alice Apr 2018
I wear a mask that’s always bright,
It hides the way I feel.
It covers up the solitude,
And creates this new ideal.

I’m wide-eyed, eager, full of life,
A genuine success.
But underneath this empty shell,
A pain I can’t express.

I’m smiling, laughing, grasping hope,
An Oscar-worthy act.
But I’m lonely, and this isn’t a film,
My life’s a draining fact.
Alice Dec 2017
I will never forgive
The way you made me feel that night.
I let the monster from under my bed
Haunt my reality.
And that monster was you.

You see
I might learn to move on.
But I will never be able to
Regain ownership of my body
Because it was stolen.
And that criminal was you.
Alice Dec 2017
Let this message be a vessel for change.
Let it drift down every mountain spring
and battle every raging sea.
Welcome it like a distant relative
then send it on its way.
For this message is no ordinary one;
it has the ability to change the world
and stand itself in time.

Be kind to this message;
Do not treat it harshly
or resent it for what it is.
Do not segregate it
or discriminate against it.
Do no show it injustice
or malice or loneliness.
Do not show it how it feels to be sad
or unloved or unwanted.
Treat it with care and respect
and I promise,
it shall do the same for you.

Let this message be a vessel for change.

For once this message has reached its end,

it will have seen enough.
Alice Dec 2017
You opened up a world of possibilities
of hopes and dreams,
and yet you closed them again.
So far no voices can be heard here
except the hysteria buried in the screams
of lost souls as the black-clad men
drive to take them away for good.
Thousands of desperate bodies violently suspended
by a rogue thought... feeling...
But yet the cameras do not cut away.
And the only thing severed
is the connection between placid touch
and helpless look of desperation,
until all that remains
is broken fragments
of a once beautiful creation.
Alice Jul 2017
He is my defiance.
He is the reason for my lack of control
and yet he seems to have it all.
Soft ribbons wrap themselves around my body
pulling me back in to his grasp
which grows stronger now than ever before
- he grows stronger now.
Apologies and reconciliations
are now all too apparent
but each time I fool myself.
I let my heart lead with lead-lined boots
and stead-fast ambition,
and each time I am trapped.
I hope for change
or remorse
but still what he does is wrong.
And each time
I love him.

— The End —