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Alexis Oct 2015
I’m not sure how I got up here and I’m kind of scared to try and get down. I’m all alone in this castle and it’s kind of hard not to frown. I try to smile, and make the best of every day. But my mother, my father, and siblings are just so far away. They probably think I am dead. Which I don’t blame them, for I’ve said, I may as well be gone, even though I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong.

“Little bird, little bird, help me fly away. I really don’t want to be here, I don’t want to stay, stuck in here for the rest of my life. I want to find a prince and be a wife! Oh, and have little munchkins running around the kingdom. If only I wasn’t the evil witch’s victim.
Alexis Oct 2015
I wonder what he's doing
I wonder what he wants
With that smug look on his face
Knowing that he haunts

Girls dreams every night
And their thoughts every day
They second they see him
They know they're going to pay
Alexis Sep 2015
With my arm gently resting on the window sill
I watched intently as the rain slowly fell
Sitting there, dazed, my ears ringing my silence
I was frozen in time, captured by such violence

The criminal offences happening just outside
I was shocked that I didn't notice in time
She was beaten and broken, laying in a puddle of blood
His hands were bruised, his face angry, all he could do was run

He started to run down the long winding road
Then he stopped in a rush, like something was pulling him back
His son was screaming at the top of his lungs
"Daddy what happened? Mommy was still so young!"
Alexis Sep 2015
She ran the world to destruction
The Swat team couldn’t beat her
Even the Avengers were too weak
Although they did a little number

On her confidence in herself
But she soon gained it back
And destroyed anything and everything
She could get her hands on to attack

Iron Man was an ant
She easily flicked away
The Hulk was a tiger
She was eager to play

Those helicopters shooting
missiles near her
Are just asking to die…
She flung the Hulk at their door

They all crashed to the ground,
None of them budged
All of this
And non of her makeup smudged

She’s an evil they can’t beat
So maybe make amends?
She could possibly just want
To make some friends
Alexis Sep 2015
Didn’t your mother tell you
Not to play with fire?
But you still insist on burning me
You cold hearted liar.

Hurt me all you want
You’ll never get through me
You’ll never break my walls
The walls that help me be

Stronger than I think
And better than your ways
You think you’re gonna win
But I am not your little prey
Alexis Sep 2015
I'm stuck in this castle
Never to return to the ground
I will never see people again
I will never get to walk around

On the sweet grass
Or in the cold water of the lake
How much effort will it take?

I don't understand
What I did to **** her off
She probably chooses at random
Who she wants to lock up

She's a wicked witch
Who will never get caught
Because nobody can beat her
No one's smart enough for her plot.
Alexis Aug 2015
Don't run from me
Don't play this game
I want to love you
And I'm not ashamed

Of what I'm going to show you
Yes, show you tonight
There's another side of me
So please don't put up a fight

Just hear me out,
Listen to what I have to say

You're a beautiful girl
I could look at you everyday

You're already my princess
So let me be your prince
Don't push me to the ground
Then I'd have to go rinse

The dirt off of my skin
But the pain will remain
Forever in my heart
Making me eyes steal the rain

So love me a little
Love me tonight
Come over here
Let me kiss you light

I'll be your knight in shining armour
I'll protect you every day
It's in your hands now
All you have to do is stay

Close your eyes and count to ten
Imagine the life that we could begin
We could go on an adventure
Just like Huckleberry Finn

My love for you is real
I swear it won't falter
So marry me
I won't leave you at the altar
My attempt at writing in a boy's point of view! :)
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