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  Oct 2020 a
make noises in your head so you can’t hear your heart
a Sep 2020
How strange is the relationship between man and nature?

When man finds himself amongst the turbulence and chaos of life,
he motions towards the calmness of the river.

When the river expresses its rage with its might,
the careful traveller attempts to trek lightly upon its courses.

Nature is in itself in synchronicity with life.
We find a refuge in nature unaware that we too are in synchronicity with its ever-changing states and phases. What does nature mean to you?
  Nov 2018 a
Sk Abdul Aziz
Some people are so poor that the only thing they possess is money.
a Sep 2018
The orange and pink congregate with graceful gestures;

their veins are embossed along the surface of the double-ended raindrop figure;

they are ornaments of the sky.

Their homes welcome those who sit beneath it in the morning light;

with serenity;

and are happy bearers of a tiny breeze.

I am in awe of the Autumn leaves, little ornaments decorated against the baby blue sky.
encapsulates a figment of Autumn.
  Sep 2018 a
you are the river.
you're not the dirt that washes through it.
you're not the animal that drinks from the shore.
you're not the leaves that float in the current.
you're not the heat that dries the bed.
you're not the pollution that floods the stream.
you're not the frost that freezes the waves.
you're not the rain that floods the banks.
you're not what passes through you, harms you, oppresses you.
you are the river.
a Sep 2018
Hues of gold hug the horizon,
The air is heavy with the scent of a rainy day,
A pride of lions moves its limbs with a motion of might,
A motion of magic precedes the pack.

A dragonfly bounces along the river of relief,
The sun sets its final shimmer of sophistication
Behind the silhouette of a striking baobab.

A pocket of air holds the wings of the stork in a mathematical manner,
as it sweeps over of the plateau of promise.

South Africa,
A nation in progress,
Where each combination of skin tones each have a story to tell of its own,
a story of history,
a story of might.

Long live the pride of lions,
the Giants of our Rainbow Nation who sow seeds of sunshine in every corner of the soil.
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika.
- this poem is dedicated to my country, South Africa. May we become a nation of prosperity and light regardless of race, religion or creed. Let us honor the legacy of our forefathers and emerge as strong and beautiful in every sphere of our existence.
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