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Zaahr H Sep 2015
May the moth not care,
Towards the light.
May the flower refuse to blossom,
In springtime.
May the rise of a full moon,
Not urge the wolf to howl.
May the smell of fresh blood,
Not make the lion prowl.

May the moon not,
Direct the tides.
May the Lady of Shallot,
Not look at the Knight.
May I not be afraid,
Of a long forgotten feel.
May the sight of you not rekindle,
The old fire, my hearts ordeal.
Zaahr H May 2015
The words were at the tip of my tongue,
I felt them in every sigh.
I can not utter those forbidden three,
In my reverie, I hide the thoughts of you and I.
Zaahr H May 2015
For the longest time, I tried to reconcile,
The different ways to love, of You and I.
We found a place, somewhere in between.
To make you stay, was my reverie.

I failed to see, I failed to recognize,
The truth that lay, behind those eyes.
Our love was barren of any emotion,
Never did you make me feel, loves elation.

Not a tree who's shade I could rest beneath,
Nor a drop of care, that quenched my needs.
No road lay ahead for us, there was no destination.
My love weakened, with growing impatience.

Someday I hope, we can be friends,
return to where, it all began.
For there was more love there, than ever after,
Someday I hope, we can share those old laughter's.

I hope for you that someday you can love,
the way that I loved you.
And may it not be as forlorn as mine,
And she sees what I, saw in you.
Zaahr H Feb 2015
By the window on a smokey night,
I stare upon a distant light.
Always the same spot, the same glow,
You give me that familiar sensation, I used to know.

Its a maddening thought,
Almost  ridiculous.
But i'd be lying if i said,
I haven't thought, its you.

Almost a year,
Almost too long,
Its been a while,
I've missed that warmth.

That laugh of yours,
and the squinted eyes too,
Oh how could you think,
I had forgotten you?

I always cared,
I always will,
My wicked ways,
were for the better still.

The barrier,
And the distance too,
Wasn't for me,
It was all for you.
Zaahr H Feb 2015
Let the moonlight shine upon me,
For I am its unusual child.
I do not fear the dark,
I do not fear the unknown wild.

Let the moonlight shine upon me,
For I am its unusual child.
The blood that flows in me is a faint silver,
The depths of the crates are  my solitary eyes.

When I look for Mother in the night above me,
I am numbed by a strangely easing sensation,
Only you can understand me,
Only you can understand the desolation.
Zaahr H Feb 2015
May another man make me feel,
What you have without a single touch.

May another man make me feel,
the way you do without a word.

May i someday meet another man,
with whom i'll know in a single moment,
what i knew with you, in less than that,
and still waiting to be wrong proven.
Zaahr H Feb 2015
I know not how to fix this,
Nor do I know how you feel.
I know not what you think about me,
I know not if this is real.

I do not know if its self imagined,
That we have something unsual.
Between the emotion of love and doubt,
Some sort of intense confusion.

Sometimes when you look at me,
Your eyes say it all.
They say "stay, i want you here"
But when you look away,
I fall.

Maybe someday I'll know how to fix this,
Maybe I do already but im in denial,
It maybe once im in love with someone else,
But I fear that wont happen at all.

— The End —