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Lauren R May 2018
Do you remember that night?
This was moment I loved you.
I was so deeply terrified;
I cried in relief as I burrowed my face in your embrace;
So silly of me,
All that fear in being left alone for the first time.
You probably never knew.

I'm always taken by your memory
And we're long and over,
The people we were no longer exist.

I am in love with a kind man
Who is my world.

And you are a friend to me,
No longer the shining knight
But a sentimental bestie
Too far away to talk often.

But sometimes I dream about you;
Back when you were the safest place I knew

It takes me to a forgotten sanctuary
You put deep in my heart
I go there and I feel again.
I go there and I'm free.
I'm reborn a newer self.

And now I know why all the famous lyricists
Lament the great mystique of young love
For I find my former self anew
In the memory of you.
And though words fail to convey;
I am forever grateful.
Moeshfiekah Jun 2017
She loved me even as I stopped loving her. Years later and still the same. So I had to text her and tell her , another had my heart and she broke all over again. I wanted her in my life still but not the way she wanted me in hers. With words I never wanted to say. My lips uttered coldly "you have to move on" as they left my lips I wanted to shout I didn't mean it. I want you in my life I want you here I want to see you. But I never did . So with her last goodbyes and her final words "I love you" that was all needed to be said. And I felt it all. I felt the love she had for me all these years all that was hidden under her mask and I looked at myself and a single tear fell . I then felt the pain,the hurt ,the heartbreak. All of which she had to carry along for so long.
So I turned in agony and switched off my phone , she had come and gone so fast but I deserve to feel what she felt years before.
This is about a girl who's ex girlfriend still loved her. She forget about her but never truly and one day she found her number but wanted to be friends but soon realized the ex was still in love so she didn't want to hurt her again because she already had someone . She told her ex to move on but in the end she felt all that was felt by the ex with simple words of "I love you"
Windows opened pale
as his eyes fixed on me
without love he used to stare.

Zaahr H Sep 2015
May the moth not care,
Towards the light.
May the flower refuse to blossom,
In springtime.
May the rise of a full moon,
Not urge the wolf to howl.
May the smell of fresh blood,
Not make the lion prowl.

May the moon not,
Direct the tides.
May the Lady of Shallot,
Not look at the Knight.
May I not be afraid,
Of a long forgotten feel.
May the sight of you not rekindle,
The old fire, my hearts ordeal.
Rex Forté Dec 2014
You said you loved me, as lovers do,
But why do I feel like I'm in a zoo?
On display, for all to see, of a love gone wrong,
And feeling like I'm bound up, in a thong.
Why don't talk to me anymore?
I guess I'll go drink, a Pinot Noír. just rhymed.

— The End —