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Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
By the gods,
That have no mercy on our soul.
That have no control over my thoughts.
Last night, you visited me in my dream.

This be not the first,
This might not be the last.
Yet my reaction in this one,
Was more heathen then others.

You came up to me. Slowly and gently.
Caressed my hand, in the cold outside.
And I, under the moon ever so bright.
Pushed you and held you against a wooden wall.

You gazed into my eyes,
Those Sapphire eyes wondered what comes next.
What I never did before to you,
I did last night.

One hand holding your wrist raised up against the wall.
One hand clutching your waist, pulling you towards me.
And in a blink of a second.
I moved in for the kiss. A kiss of passion.

No time for you to react and push me away.
No time to think otherwise. Think of him...
This time. I had to do it. I wouldn't control it.
After all, you're in my dreams, my world.

I felt your lips again, as soft as wool.
As passionate as the wolves chasing the sun.
I lust for you, i crave you.
I want to conquer your physical world.

I have your heart, not your body.
I desire both. By the gods, I do.
Oh how I miss your sweet touch my goddess.
How I long for that kiss to strike me down.

I saw your face glowing the moon, after your hand left my neck.
I saw that look, that sweet seductive look.
You wanted more. I could give you more.

Rage is transferred to passion.
Love merged with lust.
I have no control over this.
Come take this passion...its you I'm dreaming of.

My heart beats louder then Thors hammer.
My kiss more ferocious then Zeus' anger.
My passion more fruitful then Dionysius wine fields.
My love for you is more beautiful then Baldurs persona.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
They said it comes and goes in waves
But this wave has covered me
And im going under
And im caught up in the middle of it all.

They say that time heals and we will forget
But I keep finding reasons to talk to you.
If its not to check up on you.
Its to recall something that reminded me of you.

In another world.
I'd be shadowing his footsteps.
Holding you tighter then he ever will.
Making sure your love stays still.

Upside down, I'm walking in hi footsteps.
Upside down theres just your shadow.
Because now you're in my dreams.
And i can't seem to get up.

How can i forget those polished Sapphires?
How can I forget those contained wings?
How can I let go of the sculpted goddess?
How can I let go of the muse.

I'm stuck in Limbo.
You're up in heaven.
I'm happy when i dream of you.
Broken when I wake up alone.

Long conversations become deserted.
Warm hugs become cold nods.
You're not here, but I am.
You're gone, I'm still hoping.

If I fight, will you come?
You said you don't deserve me.
I deserve someone else.
But theres no acceptance.

I don't deserve this, this isnt fair.
But no one cares what's fair or not.
No one gets what they deserve.
So ill remain a shadow.

Till you miss me?
When you remember you said i love you.
When you remember all I can do.
Don't hide from me...come back.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
How are you?
I dont know.
What do you feel?
I...I am.

Where are you?
Im in Limbo.
Can you describe it?

Theres a lot of wind, and I cant stay still.
A lot of wind but no waves in the water.
A lot of wind but the ships have no sails.
The skies have no stars, nor clouds.

The sun doesnt shine.
The moon doesnt glow.
The devil isnt home.
And Gods on vacation.

Theres a lot of wind. Hes a bully.
Hes pushing me around.
Confusing me. Showing me visions.
Created from dust. Easily dismembered.

Have you tried standing up to the wind?
Baby, i never sat down.
So how does he keep pushing you down?
There is no down or up, theres around, in Limbo.

Theres no music.
Only thinking is allowed as long as you dont show it.
No tears, no fear, no expression.
You have to just be.

Do you know when youll be out?
There are no doors, and no sails. No escape.
Dont worry youll be ok!
I know I will...I always am?
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
The raiding has begun again.
This land is no longer fertile.
Its tainted and dry.
Too painful to stay in this place.

We raid with no compass.
No direction. Only the wind.
Let it fill my spirit with stallions.
Let it fill my anger with wolves.

Wherever we go, we know not where!
Wherever I go. I will shield myself.
However, should the wind drag me back.
Should you find me again.

Do not fool me once more.
I forgive, but forgiveness hands on a loose thread.
I do not forget; memories are feelings.
And I cannot forget how you made me feel.

It was better then any wine.
But cut deeper then any sword.
You wrote about me.
Now you have erased me.

The raider was raided.
The thief was robbed.
The archer was shot.
The trickster was tricked.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
As the sun burns away.
Knives leave scars on the body.
Scars that your words dont show.
Yet now they are seen.

I am thorn between two.
One i know. One that was.
One i dont. One that wont.
Both painful.

A Robin from the past;
The Tulip of Ubar.
A Sparrow from the now;
The Sapphire Siren.

A clouded mind will keep you there, lost in thought.
You're there in my head. The both of you.
One forbidden, one forsaken.
Only path you will lead me to, is that of suffering.

Its time to sharpen the axe.
Beat the drum.
Call the executioner.
The time has come.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
Red skies cover the land.
Expanding, taking over the north and south.
Becoming a shadow of a land, uninhabitable.
Even the survivors have escaped.
Can the trees stand up again?
Can the rivers fill up again?
And if they do? How long till they disappear?
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
The feeling of ignorance.
The lust from attention.
It makes a man wonder.
How easy it is to be forgotten.

To be cast aside from a lover.
To be pushed away and led out.
By the same person who said,
I want to stay, don't go.

Where's the faith in that?
A goodbye can be temporary or forever.
But I don't believe in forever.
But I do believe in heart break.

Im here. You're not.
Im giving, you're not.
Im bleeding, you're stitching up.
Im hurting, you're healing.

Is it that easy to let someone go?
To let a memory go along with the wind.
To let a lover become the loved.
I understand it, finally.

If you must go, I must let you.
I cannot stop you from hurting me.
That is your decision.
And it looks like you did decide.
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