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Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Like an Sparrow through the night,
She shot by.
Unaware of what she might hit.
And straight trough me it went.

What a lady she is...
Gentle and sweet, when she holds your hand.
Moulding and mesmerising, when she comes in for a hug.

Straight flowing hair, like arabian cloth.
Smooth skin, like a canvas ready to be painted.
Light eyes, that just like Alice's rabbit hole,
Keep dragging you deeper and deeper.

But what does her most justice, is no feature on the outside, no curve nor stare.
Its her enthusiasm and song.
Her creativity and voice.

Like a siren singing tunes,
Hoping to lure sailors in.
As soon as her voice hit a tune.
She dragged this sailor in.  

Shes a Siren and a Sparrow!
Adventurous, brave, bold...romantic.
Free, powerful and mysterious.
She's a Ballad.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
You're Active.
One click away.
Just to check in, a simple;
Hello! How are you?

To know if you are thinking of me,
As much as I've been thinking of you.
I want to break the rules.
I was never one to block out my heart.

Not seeing you is killing me.
I thought it would make things easier.
Bit its hopeless.
I want to break all the rules. And come for you.

Take you with me,
Somewhere unknown.
Somewhere only we will know where to find.
And we will start meeting there.

Once every fourth night!
Just you and I.
To exchange tales.
To exchange hugs.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
By the gods,
That have no mercy on our soul.
That have no control over my thoughts.
Last night, you visited me in my dream.

This be not the first,
This might not be the last.
Yet my reaction in this one,
Was more heathen then others.

You came up to me. Slowly and gently.
Caressed my hand, in the cold outside.
And I, under the moon ever so bright.
Pushed you and held you against a wooden wall.

You gazed into my eyes,
Those Sapphire eyes wondered what comes next.
What I never did before to you,
I did last night.

One hand holding your wrist raised up against the wall.
One hand clutching your waist, pulling you towards me.
And in a blink of a second.
I moved in for the kiss. A kiss of passion.

No time for you to react and push me away.
No time to think otherwise. Think of him...
This time. I had to do it. I wouldn't control it.
After all, you're in my dreams, my world.

I felt your lips again, as soft as wool.
As passionate as the wolves chasing the sun.
I lust for you, i crave you.
I want to conquer your physical world.

I have your heart, not your body.
I desire both. By the gods, I do.
Oh how I miss your sweet touch my goddess.
How I long for that kiss to strike me down.

I saw your face glowing the moon, after your hand left my neck.
I saw that look, that sweet seductive look.
You wanted more. I could give you more.

Rage is transferred to passion.
Love merged with lust.
I have no control over this.
Come take this passion...its you I'm dreaming of.

My heart beats louder then Thors hammer.
My kiss more ferocious then Zeus' anger.
My passion more fruitful then Dionysius wine fields.
My love for you is more beautiful then Baldurs persona.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Theres revolution in the air.
Whiskey in my cup.
Chess on the table.
Chaos without and within.

With every move I make. The king must never die.
But the Queen is the most powerful piece.
Lose the Queen and you lose the game!
It's all about the girl.

The girl who easily stole my heart.
But where are you?
Flying high with the Sparrows?
Or in the deep with the Sirens?

Wheres your sweet song?
Whats your gaze setting upon?
Which subject are you talking about?
Who will check on who first.

I must make the first move.
We are at a stalemate.
You cannot move a piece.
You need to protect your king.

Give me the crown!
Let me be king.
I'll protect you.
Turn the Queen to a Goddess.

I miss you
I do.
It's not a lie.
This, I know is true.
Winter Sparrow Mar 2020
At night, as the cool breeze starts to kick in.
At night, when only the moon lay above,
When only the leaves are there to bounce off sound,
When only my brain creates the storms we lack in this desert.

I think of Autumn.
That one Autumn that changed it all.
A strange occult sort of feeling.
A sort of divine period, a different worshiping.

The period, when autumn leaves were grey,
Skies were orange, and clouds were starry.
When I worshiped a Muse as a deity.
A period that haunts me at night till thus day.

Like a ghost, taunting me, haunting me.
She visits on most nights, sometimes in a different skin.
Like a chameleon, shifting from one to another.
Different looks, but the same sapphire eyes.

What torture is this? If it is at all torture?
Is this my judgement? My atonement for the wrong I did? If I did any wrong...
My mind lingers to find the hidden message.
To decipher the code that are those kisses at night.
My mind lingers, by my hands write.

In a swift Autumn breeze, out of grey leaves.
Slithers a severed snake from Medusa's head.
One of many to haunt me every night.
A different hiss, a familiar kiss.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
I lost a war i didn't get to fight.
I lost a war i didn't want to fight.
I lost a war i didn't know i was fighting.
I lost a war i didn't want to lose.

But I salute you.
The honesty.
The truth.
The trust.

You didn't fall soldier.
And if you feel,
That you might burn out,
Or lose yourself:

And rise again
Until lambs
Become lions.

Thank you for the conversation.
Thank you for the memory.
Thank you for the touch.
Thank you for the poetry.

Know still here for you.
Still here to help.
Still here to listen.
Still here to hope.

And who knows?
Maybe one day...
Faith might smile on us.
And give us a poem to write together.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
A boy got chased by wolves
and got lost in a forest.
He knew of all the dangers that would arise.
He was aware.

The trees created clouds of leaves.
No light pierced through. Nothing.
He couldn't see.
But he could hear.

He heard a sparrows chirp.
And though he know not where she might take him.
He blindly followed her.
All she needed to do was chirp.

She led him out of the forest.
Out to safety. But it was nightfall.
It was still dark and dangerous.
And night brings fowler things then wolves.

It brought creatures from the deep.
The sparrow sat on the boys shoulder as they walked.
They walked alone until they came to a river.
They were afraid of what lies in the deep.

A fair tale was heard from quite a distance.
A ballad of a Robin and the Star of the Sea.
A siren was recalling.
Telling the tale while gently splitting the waves with her fair scales.

She approached the boy and his sparrow and she explained the story. But they got lost in conversation.
For you see, the sparrow knew that the conversation would create safety.
And that conversation would protect him from the night.

The Sparrow and the boy need not fear what may come.
Yet embrace it. Adapt to it.
Let happen what is to be done.
Let the story write itself.

The Ballad of a Robin and the Star of the Sea.

'Oh a Robin he gazed upon a star one night, a star that shined the brightest light. Wishing shed fall and fly with him. Each night he sang her to sleep.  Until one day she escaped the sky and the Robin chased her and flew after her. But the star fell and sank in the River Grace. Yet the star still shined brighter, even brighter then before and the Robin still gazed upon this star, a star now reflecting the waves of the deep. Now the Robin noticed that the star was now closer then before, therefore the acted upon it. Some say the Robin swam to the star and managed to reach her, and stayed down there with her. Others recall the tale of how one ray would fall directly on the Robins red chest and he'd sing to her and the star would echo the song all across the river. Some creatures recall hearing it..."
Winter Sparrow Feb 2017
The mind rumbled
The spirit trembled
Creating beauty and passion
Causing chaos and disaster

The skin turned into ground
And covered what was around
The heart melted away
And filled seas and oceans asway/ of gray/ swaying astray

The eyes became mountains
And cried away as they could not see one another
Yet tears created river streams that met
and later joined the hearty seas

But blood grew angry
He formed as a mountain
Incomplete..... a volcano
And from it blood and smoke arose

From time to time
The mountains may cry
The seas may beat
And the ground may grumble
as the sky turns grey with ash

But as one they funtion
Intertwined into oblivion
Following a yellow ghost
Circled by grey illumination
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
I walk in darkness.
In a cave surrounded by black crystals.
The deeper I go. The darker it gets;
The less visible that light behind me becomes.

It's colder now.
The crows have started to sing.
The vampires are coming out of the shadows.
Im in the eye of the storm.

I can hear the waves.
I can see the crescent moon behind the clouds.
There is a light at the end of the cave.
And beneath me, a cliff held up by titans.

I want to go for a swim.
Just jump in.
Swim away with the current.
Go it!

Break the stanza,
Taint the poems.
Burn the letters and jump;
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
I saw you in my dream.
Last night you were there.
As clear as light.
As bright as day.

I can't believe it.
You drove to me.
You made sure I was ok.
Because I'm not.

You were there,
You smiled.
You missed me.
As a friend, as a lover.

And I do too.
I close my eyes and you're there.
I open them, i want you to be there.
What have I become?

Will you ever come to me?
Will i ever hold you again?
Will I stop dreaming of you?
Will I stop writing about you?

It pains me to know,
That you're in his arms.
This dream might fade away,
With you not even looking back at us...
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Everyone is afraid.
Of taking that leap.
Diving head first into the unknown.
Letting go of whats comfortable.

Don't be afraid.
For you might find something else.
In that darkness you might find true happiness.
What you truly desire.

Who knows?
You might have it all.
You might have nothing as-well.
But at least you'll find yourself.

Because out of the darkness,
You'll emerge.
Stronger, better, braver.
Do not fear change.

In the shadows:
Are monsters they created for us to fear.
But it isn't true.
Don't lie to yourself.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
I still have it in me.
I still have the urge.
This rage I'm feeling.
Its me resisting to fight.

The gods know it.
The demons feel it.
The angels fear it.
I can't fight it.

The power to fight for you,
Would he greater then the Heathen Army itself.
But where's my chance?
Who can I fight?

The ravens scourge the battle field.
In search of the Goddess.
Trying to find that pretty sparrow.
Ears open to the sirens song.

But all they could find is a blinded Medusa.
Snakes can bite,
But she can turn no one to stone.
Medusa refuses to fight, unless its for you.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Ready your bow.

The last arrow was fired.
And as quickly as the arrow sprang from bow to target.
She was gone.
Disappearing into the night, dressed in black.

What is this urge to impress you?
This feeling of heartbreak over someone that was never mine?
Why is there still hope?  
Maybe because theres still a spark.

And with that spark I want to burn the world.
Burn it with you!
But...I think;
I'm only burning myself.

I'd do anything.
Go anywhere.
Just to see you.
In my arms again.

Ready your bow.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Theres a light at the end of the bridge.
That flash of green...
It matches my heart beat.
It reminds me of you.

It was flashing when we first talked.
It was flashing when we fell for each other.
It was flashing when we talked poetry.
It was flashing when we touched each other.

It still is...
Our days are numbered.
Our talks will cease to be.
...and are we flashing?

I don't want this light to fade.
I don't want you to move on.
I don't want you to forget me.
I don't want you to leave.

Remember me.
Think of me.
Talk to me.
Feel me.

Theres a light at the end of the bridge.
That flash of green...
It will always be linked to you.
I can't help not look at it and smile
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Whats happening?
What was once green and fruitful, is turning ripe.
But I am forbidden, and so are you.

I cant help but fall...but maybe its not you.
Its not you .thats making me fall. It could be anyone.
We all want that which we cannot have.

We lust for danger. We lust for that which we shouldn't touch.
But I did touch you, and you...
Was it my heart? Or was it a coincidence?

Maybe it could have been any other person,
Maybe it could have been me?
Maybe its because I haven't been in touch with me.

I want to dance the night away.
But I like company.

All fruits ripen.
So it's a matter of time until you ripen as well.
But how can I preserve you forever?

I love you. And you love me.
I don't want you to ripen,'re not helping yourself.

Ive tried...I still am. But i'm tired.
Ive crossed no lines, yet made connections.
But i don't want to give up.

Am I Adam; in a garden only allowed to touch one fruit?
Am I Eve; tempted to try out new things.
Am I Lucifer; only satisfied when all else collapses around me.

I want to dance the night away.
Light a cigarette on the bridge.
I want to be alone.

Not because i want to.
But because you wont understand...
You wont understand me, you'll label me.

Im cruel: You're right.
Im harsh: You've got it.
Im unworthy: Im sorry.

Im the father of my own sins,
Im the son of my own darkness,
Im the spirit of my own demise.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
My tears may drown me.
For I am the rain.

My thoughts may cover me.
For I am the clouds.

My mind may confuse me.
For I am the wind.

My anger might consume me.
For I am the storm.
Winter Sparrow Jun 2017

Ready your spirits
Summon your courage
Load your pistols
Sharpen your guns!

We shall attack at dawn;
And fight on till dusk.
Give no quarter
Show no fear.

The enemy will not rest.
He shall not give up,
Not until we give into him,
Not until he gets what he came for.

Lets fight wisely,
And strike strongly.
This is a life long battle.
He wont win, not yet.

Let us strike with the monsters they created,
Let us rule with the power they gave us,
Let us raise hell, and remind them,
That there is no heaven waiting for them.

Raise the black flag,
Go to your stations.
Life will spare no risks.
But ill take them all.

Against the current
I shall raise.
With or without you.
Theres a replacement at every port.

I was spat out into this world,
Alone, along with people who
had no choice in choosing their son.
And I have no problem leaving alone.

So, to who ever stands beside me,
I ask you again.
Without any assurance of victory,
Yet no space for loss!

Ready your spirits,
Summon your courage
Load your pistols
Sharpen your weapons.

Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
The feeling of ignorance.
The lust from attention.
It makes a man wonder.
How easy it is to be forgotten.

To be cast aside from a lover.
To be pushed away and led out.
By the same person who said,
I want to stay, don't go.

Where's the faith in that?
A goodbye can be temporary or forever.
But I don't believe in forever.
But I do believe in heart break.

Im here. You're not.
Im giving, you're not.
Im bleeding, you're stitching up.
Im hurting, you're healing.

Is it that easy to let someone go?
To let a memory go along with the wind.
To let a lover become the loved.
I understand it, finally.

If you must go, I must let you.
I cannot stop you from hurting me.
That is your decision.
And it looks like you did decide.
Winter Sparrow Sep 2020
And while he lives,
No matter the day, year, age.
No matter the time!

May his lips form a smile.
May his actions be cunning.
May his heart be filled with song.
And may his eyes be filled with determination.

But when that dreadful day arrives, should it ever.
When gods battle over a foolish man's godless soul.

Cast him to sea.

With a sword in hand, that for Valhalla.
A cross around my neck, that for heaven.
A Scarab on my heart, that for the Duat.
And two coins on his eyes, for the ferryman.

For if no god shall claim his soul,
Then Davy Jones will feast on his treasures!
Winter Sparrow Dec 2016
Here I sit, quietly and peacefully,
while the rest are out drinking,
planning their boring futures,
meeting their ‘soul mates’.

Here I sit, wondering and gazing,
how great my life would be,
If I got my Hogwarts letter at 11,
Experiencing the world of wizards.

Here I sit, thinking and guessing
How different my life would be
If I went fishing and found a rare gold ring,
A ring that would bring so much change in the world.

Here I sit, giggling and imagining
How different my life would be
If my best friend was Captain Jack Sparrow,
And live our lives plundering and sailing on open seas.

Here I sit, realising,
Its all a dream of mine,
Just wishful thinking.
About what could be.

Here I sit, not alone,
But with many like me
Wishing that this could be real.
Trying to create what isn't.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
To see, is to inspire.
To touch, is to feel.
To understand, is to listen.
To be, is to act...

I lay here. Thinking.
I know what I am.
What I can do.
Not about my limitations though.

For I am sill man.
I am flawed.
I can be monstrous.
I can hurt.

Let me replace your insecurities with compliments.
Feed your romance with candles and poems.
Let me give you that thrill of being alive.
Let me remind you what it means to live and breath.

Let me not just cover you from the demons,
But give you the tools to fight them.
Allow me to sweep you off your feet on your darkest days.
Allow me to smile with you on the brightest of days.

My will to fight will never die, this is me.
My morale may be broken but my spirit remains.
I am who I am because of what I am.
I do what I do, because I know who you are.
Winter Sparrow May 2017

Ashes to ashes,
They fell down.
One long brown figer.
Shortened by a breath.

Inhale and exhale.

Breathe in,
Let it calm you.
Breathe out,
Damage is done.

None bearing children shall touch
None underage shall touch
Harmful yet pleasing
Relaxing yet breathtaking.

Inhale and exhale

The 6th finger shortens;
Half of it is gone.
Gaze around.
Feel the breeze.

I take it in
It runs through my systems
As its life shortens
So does mine.


Ashes to ashes
We both will fall down
But I step on you,
You decayed before I did.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
I know what it is.

Its us talking for hours.
Its us not seeing time pass us by.
Its us thinking of what could be.
Its us wanting to know where it will go.
Its us dreaming, hoping, wondering.
Its us wanting to feel each other.
Its us...

I know what I want.

Its me wanting to kiss you.
Its me wanting to prove myself.
Its me protecting you.
Its me making sure youre all right.
Its me wanting you.
Its me trying to fix things.
Its me...
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Burn the whole kingdom to the ground.
Let these flames set them free.
Give them reason to start afresh.
Give them reason to run away from me.

Let the flames lead them to the forest.
The forest secretly owned by the law.
The same law that destroyed my kingdom, my home.
And though they might not know it, or even believe it.

I'll protect them.
I'll keep them safe.
I'll be there, in the shadows.
Until they come to realise, why it was done.

A plague has besieged the city.
And Id rather drive you out
Then let a plague bestow upon you.
I promised to protect you.

For sometimes, you need to burn down bridges;
Bridges you no longer think can hold the both of us.
Be safe my love.
Forgive me.

I may have lost my kingdom.
My subjects.
My love.
But I can never lose my crown.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
This was the prettiest I've ever seen you.
It was the most passionate we ever got.
The greatest hug you ever gave me.
The saddest goodbye I ever said.

Last Night broke me.
It broke me in so many ways.
And it might be some time,
Till I'm ok.

Your neck, your thighs, your lips.
It was that night you never want to forget.
Something I wish went on till today, tomorrow.
Why was it the end?

Last night was your last goodbye.
Your last kiss. Your last hug.
The last I love you.
The end of what we are.

I long for the day you come back.
That will be it.
I could kiss you.
I could say I love you again.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
It takes time to let go.
To stitch yourself up,
To mend and mould those pieces of yourself that you willingly gave to others.
But there are no regrets. It just takes time.
To let go, to recover from the past.

But maybe...there are things i don't want to let go.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
You're tired.
The skies have turned red.
The rivers have started flowing.
The seasons have changed.

Its ok to do things for yourself.
To be wanted, its a desire,
To fulfill it is a need.
But this Robin has your back.

If I could live on your shoulder to make sure you're fine.
To make sure you're safe and feeling as you should.
I would stay there.
You're a gem! If only you were my gem

Don't let anyone or yourself put you down.
Don't let anyone fake away your throne.
Cry if you have to...
Let go. Don't lose yourself.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
How are you?
I dont know.
What do you feel?
I...I am.

Where are you?
Im in Limbo.
Can you describe it?

Theres a lot of wind, and I cant stay still.
A lot of wind but no waves in the water.
A lot of wind but the ships have no sails.
The skies have no stars, nor clouds.

The sun doesnt shine.
The moon doesnt glow.
The devil isnt home.
And Gods on vacation.

Theres a lot of wind. Hes a bully.
Hes pushing me around.
Confusing me. Showing me visions.
Created from dust. Easily dismembered.

Have you tried standing up to the wind?
Baby, i never sat down.
So how does he keep pushing you down?
There is no down or up, theres around, in Limbo.

Theres no music.
Only thinking is allowed as long as you dont show it.
No tears, no fear, no expression.
You have to just be.

Do you know when youll be out?
There are no doors, and no sails. No escape.
Dont worry youll be ok!
I know I will...I always am?
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
That's the truth about you.
You're an ancient being.
We met before. Right?
I saw you before. I felt you before.

But have I ever told you about that kiss?
How your soft lips moulded with mine?
How I had tingles from my back down to my legs?
I felt....flabbergasted.

When I put my hand son your waist,
I felt powerful, I could pull you in.
Hold you close.
Keep you with me.

If your eyes are Sapphires,
Your face, made of porcelain,
Then your lips...
They are clouds.

Soft, energetic, expressive.
They are powerful tools.
And you know how to wield them.
You mastered them.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2016
Look at the sky
What do you see?
Are you intrigued by the stars?
Or are you too busy behind locked bars?

You know you have the key,
Possess the power.
Take the moment!
Look at infinity!

You trap yourself
Not knowing you're alive
Live! Look up once in a while,
Breathe! Learn how to die.

We trap ourselves,
In clouds of thoughts.
Creating an endless forest
Appealing, but dark

You found the key
You looked up
Its too dark,
Some of us like it

Lets dance with the stars
Talk to the moon
**** death all night long
Drink the ocean dry

Because at night
There is nothing
The darkness makes you feel whole
The screaming moon makes you feel infinite
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Put down your weapons.
Hold all fire.
Lower the black.
Weight the anchor.

I lost the fight.
Turned my own canons on me.
I destroyed my own ship.
To give her safe passage.

And now, I watch you sail away.
Watch you leave into the sun set with someone else.
Something I expected.
But not what I wanted.

There be no wind in my sails.
No character in my flag.
No cheer among my men.
What I possess is a small red gem.

I hold it close to me;
While I wait.
Wait for the wind to pick up.
Wait for my sails to fill up with wind.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
There is no winner here.
I did not win.
You did not win.
We both lost.

No loss is greater then the other.
A loss is a loss.
No matter the outcome in the end.
No matter the road taken at the end.

I have lost a war.
I have lost a friend.
I have lost a partner.
I have lost myself.

My heart is about the explode.
My stomach aches in pain.
My head throbbing in sorrow.
My eyes red from tears.

I am sure you feel no different.
I wish I could say this will change.
I see you there. Only a click away.
Right in front of me. distant.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2016
The reason you live
The reason you die
All has to do, with
Loves evil eye!

The reason your partner left
Your child cried
That politician lied
That warrior died

All the hands of love,
Cruel yet fulfilling.
Dark yet light.
Its heaven and hell.

We need it.
We want it
You have it
You fear it

Love of power
Love of lust
Love of passion
Love till we're dust
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
What is love?
Love is dangerous.
It exposes all your weaknesses.
It kills you once its been meddled with.

To me, showing it...its a fear.
I don't want you to see me as weak.
But i want you to know how I feel.
I fear this...but I love this.

I love that you make me smile.
I love that you care about me.
I love that you compliment me.
I love that you're jealous.

I love your mind,

My darling Siren,
My wild Sparrow,
My sacred Sapphire.
I love you.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2016
We march.
Unaware of our destination.

So as an act
Of bravery,
Of sadness or
Of fear.

But all we do,
Everywhere we go
We still need a purpose
We still need our motivation

To escape and live
To re start and re gain
To achieve and destroy
To become and to forget.

But till we find our destination,
We try to die,
We try to intoxicate
But lack to be remembered after death.

We march
For nothing
For the faded
For the shattered
For a forgotten cause
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
Hot Chocolate and Sweets.
A Tigers Eye and candles.
A sweet memory
Of heartbreak.

The last goodbye,
Brought no urges to end.
Not to I at least.
Not to you I hope.

I slithered around your neck like a serpent.
I adored it as if it was prey.
A vampires next meal.
My final taste of you.

Your lips are forbidden fruit.
But i climbed the tree.
I teased the apple.
But the forbidden fruit stayed untouched.

For a second i touched the apple.
For a second you almost fell.
I love your strength.
But I hate that I appreciate it.

Ill never forget that Eve.
The Eve of the Ghost.
The Ghost that could have been us.
But who am I?

A thief?
A madman?
A lost cause?
An embarrassment?
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
Red skies cover the land.
Expanding, taking over the north and south.
Becoming a shadow of a land, uninhabitable.
Even the survivors have escaped.
Can the trees stand up again?
Can the rivers fill up again?
And if they do? How long till they disappear?
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
I waited for you on Monday.
Waited for your call.
Waited for you to say.
I came back to you.

Who is this dreamer I became?
When did I lose grip of the darkness?
When did i stop seeing the truth?
Become blinded by love and passion.

My language has become poetry.
My mind a revolution.
My heart still in your hands.
My body beaten and bruised.

I've no port to go home to.
No nest to rest in. I walk among mortals.
The Sapphire Goddess?
She went back to Olympus.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
It's getting colder.
darker days are brewing and my mind is about to explode.
Everyday I try to fight this monster.
Something...nay, someone I never wanter to become.

It's getting darker. Im furious.
Not at you, nor her. But myself.
Everyone is a monster to someone.
But you're not convinced I am that monster.

How? Look at what I destroyed.
This isn't fair on you.
This isn't what I wanted.
Im sorry for the trouble.

Im sorry I am burning bridges I built.
I have become death. The destroyer of worlds.
You should hate me for what Im doing.
I know I would.

We are all monsters to someone.
But by refusing to be yours, I have to become my own.
I am my own monster.
I lost myself in this war.

A war I never thought I would fight.
It was never about winning or losing.
As there is still no answer.
But this is about the outcome.

Who we are after this fight.
Can I live with it?
Can I go on with what I did?
I am able to move past this.

But I've hurt you. Ive destroyed you.
Im not pure. Im sorry.
All I can do is apologise.
I have become what I have been fighting this past year.

I am my own monster.
I don't have fangs,
I don't have claws.
I just don't feel the way you do.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Your enthusiasm
Your smile
The way you light up the room
When you giggle.

No, it could not have been anyone.
Its you. You make me write.
You over flow me with poetry.
You're my library.

Everything i said is true.
You are my muse.
I refuse to forget you.
I can't get you off my mind.
Love passion want desire girl
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Once a Muse is there.
It shall remain to taunt the writer.
Inspire the artist to create.
Fuel the thinker to wonder.

I want to write;
But im running out of paper.
I want to write;
But it hurts with every word I jot down.

I want to create;
Make things to put you in them.
I want to create;
But I can't show you anything.

I want to think;
Think of you and I, against all odds.
I want to think;
But Im too lost in my own head.

Im out of papers. Ive written too much, yet cannot stop.
My memory is fill. Ive imagined to my own exhaustion.
Im out of time. Ive created my own utopia.

I cant breathe. Im anxious.
I cant eat. My stomach hurts.
I cant let go. My heart is in tourment.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
My darling, come back.
I'm your dearie!
You're my Sapphire!
Lets dance together.

Lets leave this behind.
And go into it together!
Lets fight the world.
You and I.

Walk on water.
Sink in sand.
Dance on tue moon.
Defy all odds.

As long as its us.
Me protecting you.
You holding me.
For the love of us.

Wear that gem, hold it close.
May it remind you of me.
As I can't get you out of my mind.
Bring me that flash of green.

Bring me those eyes.
Bring me your pulse.
Bring me your ideas.
Give yourself to me.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
As the sun burns away.
Knives leave scars on the body.
Scars that your words dont show.
Yet now they are seen.

I am thorn between two.
One i know. One that was.
One i dont. One that wont.
Both painful.

A Robin from the past;
The Tulip of Ubar.
A Sparrow from the now;
The Sapphire Siren.

A clouded mind will keep you there, lost in thought.
You're there in my head. The both of you.
One forbidden, one forsaken.
Only path you will lead me to, is that of suffering.

Its time to sharpen the axe.
Beat the drum.
Call the executioner.
The time has come.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
The toughest battles we fight.
They be not on the battle field.
They be not at sea.
They lie in your head.

It's the voice of the girl you love.
The melody of the Siren you held.
The moan of last nights trial.
The echoes of screams illuminating from the soul.

This is the torture I must endure for being undeceive.
This is how I shall atone for my sins.
This is what I deserve for my failures.
This is my penance.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
I cannot cry.
The last tear was dry.
I disappointed myself with crying.
So ill leave it in.

Refrain from feeling sad.
Do not pity yourself for being in the storm.
Shield yourself, arm yourself.
Be the ******* storm.

Every tear i shed was a memory,
A golden memory.
But as i hold on to your memories,
I am shredded with anger.

I let myself down.
I betrayed myself and you.
I feared others seeing me as a monster.
When I have truly become one.

I shall not deny it.
But embrace it.
I apologise for my weakness.
I apologise for the romance.

I do not regret it.
I still wish for it.
I still love you.
And i cant get you out of my head.

But this rage,
Rage against my decisions.
My thoughts and actions.
I am weak and destructive.

Im the Thief of Hearts.
A Monster to Men.
A Rebel to Fathers.
But a treasure to you.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2016
Look at you.
Getting beaten up,
Being everyones *****.
What have you become?

A tired old man
A broken god
No one remembers the glory
No one remembers your help

The ravens have left you
They travelled south
Looking for other victims
Victims of fame and glory

They tortured you,
Tormented you,
Played you,
Glorified you.

And you prevailed,
Oh you conquered.
You led;
You achieved.

But you're just tired now,
This is part of your plan.
Time to go and relieve yourself.
Meet your Ragnarok
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
The raiding has begun again.
This land is no longer fertile.
Its tainted and dry.
Too painful to stay in this place.

We raid with no compass.
No direction. Only the wind.
Let it fill my spirit with stallions.
Let it fill my anger with wolves.

Wherever we go, we know not where!
Wherever I go. I will shield myself.
However, should the wind drag me back.
Should you find me again.

Do not fool me once more.
I forgive, but forgiveness hands on a loose thread.
I do not forget; memories are feelings.
And I cannot forget how you made me feel.

It was better then any wine.
But cut deeper then any sword.
You wrote about me.
Now you have erased me.

The raider was raided.
The thief was robbed.
The archer was shot.
The trickster was tricked.
Winter Sparrow Nov 2019
Are you ready to draw the final arrow?
To take that last gaze upon those sapphire eyes?
To put your hands on her porcelain waist?
To touch those heavenly lips with my own?

I can't let go of you're heart. Im addicted.
Addicted to your humour.
Addicted to your love.
Addicted to your care.

Let me take you on adventures.
Let me show you I am worth it.
Let me hold you tightly and hug you.
Let me show you passion.

With my hands on your face.
My eyes locked with yours.
My energy towards you.
My love within you.

How can one let go of all of this?
How could I forget?
How could I let you go?
How can I cast myself out of the picture?

I want to breathe your air.
Laugh at your jokes.
Learn from your wit.
Run into the night with you.

Am I ready to draw the final arrow?
The truth is...
I am not.
Winter Sparrow Jan 2019
In the Middle of the Night,
In the Middle of the Street,
In the Middle of Winter,
I stood there.

In the beginning of the day,
In the beginning of the year,
In the beginning of the storm,
I felt it.

When the breeze was picking up,
When the when the clouds covered the stars,
When the day was about to collapse,
I blanked.

I could feel the wind on my face,
I could hear the silence in the air,
I could see the darkness of the path,
I could feel the rhythm break.

I lost it for a second.
There was nothing.
I was too tired.
But the brain lingers on.

Trying to feed the anger,
Like a wolf getting ready for a hunt,
It scavenged through the night.
But the wind kept me at bay.

In the middle of the road,
With the cold wind brushing on my face.
I closed my eyes.
And thought of nothing.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
They said it comes and goes in waves
But this wave has covered me
And im going under
And im caught up in the middle of it all.

They say that time heals and we will forget
But I keep finding reasons to talk to you.
If its not to check up on you.
Its to recall something that reminded me of you.

In another world.
I'd be shadowing his footsteps.
Holding you tighter then he ever will.
Making sure your love stays still.

Upside down, I'm walking in hi footsteps.
Upside down theres just your shadow.
Because now you're in my dreams.
And i can't seem to get up.

How can i forget those polished Sapphires?
How can I forget those contained wings?
How can I let go of the sculpted goddess?
How can I let go of the muse.

I'm stuck in Limbo.
You're up in heaven.
I'm happy when i dream of you.
Broken when I wake up alone.

Long conversations become deserted.
Warm hugs become cold nods.
You're not here, but I am.
You're gone, I'm still hoping.

If I fight, will you come?
You said you don't deserve me.
I deserve someone else.
But theres no acceptance.

I don't deserve this, this isnt fair.
But no one cares what's fair or not.
No one gets what they deserve.
So ill remain a shadow.

Till you miss me?
When you remember you said i love you.
When you remember all I can do.
Don't hide from me...come back.
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