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Tribhu May 2019
Yet another night of dismay,
Falls upon the land of the tortured
And they pray,
May this night be over
And the morning brings the light,
Not only to a world that's ending
Not only to a soul that's bending their knees
To the torturer,
The omnipotent,
The ones who called themselves God;
And torture poor souls until they're afraid,
And weakened,
Hopeless and blind
To hold the freedom of sunshine.
And now they surrendered themselves lest they should die in misery.

The weakest of them are now covered in mud,
As an example of defeat.
"You must know where you stand,
Fear my presence
Obey my commands!
'Cause I hold the power
Against all of your freedom,
Be my slave,
Dare not to withstand."
But they do.
They stand together every time,
Hoping for a day to come
Where they will grow out of this mud,
And their blood will collide into the sea,
As an example of great sacrifice.
They will bloom like the sunflower facing the sun,
"The sun is our freedom,
We might break, we might fall
Nevertheless we will ever run.
Because we believe in one true God
Who created us,
Who wants a better world
Filled with good souls,
Where peace exists
And so does redemption.
We surrendered our souls
Not to rage wars
Or to stand over the pile of dead bodies and their ashes.
We served our spirit
To create a world as pure as heaven.

Heaven exists only for them
Who serves for good,
Who loves wholeheartedly
As every human should.
Hell exists for those,
Who claims to be a saint
Yet deep inside they are
Just a soulless sinner,
Burning in their own ignited flames.

So tell me,
The great rulers of the world,
The ones who called themselves God
And promised to make a better future,

How long would you deny
The slaughtering of thousands of men, women and children
In the name of betterment?

How many lives would it cost to make a better world where peace exists?
Where happiness is not only a memory but reality.

How long would you hide under the coat of your power,
Claiming to reach heaven
When you're only one step away from hellfire?

Is this how God brings peace upon the face of the earth?
Or is this how God arises to put an end to this despairing world
To all of these miseries.

The tortured souls and the torturers,
The deceased and the despised ones,
You must know, you must prepare
Because the end is near.
Tribhu Jan 2019
I've seen my skin go pale
Every time my hopelessness devour into me.
The cold, dreaded feeling
The dark, terror rising
I ask,
Who are you inside of me
Lurking as a shadow
Pretending to be real?
"I am a paradox
Of all your darkest desires.
Dare not to deny me."
I've seen my eyes glow as gold
Every time I find the light in that dark,
Rising above my fears
Igniting my own spark
I wonder,
How do you shine through the darkness,
Even if I fail to live with my scars?
"I am the flower inside of your soul,
Blooming with all your purest desires.
Endure me, embrace me, nurture me."
And then I know,
I learn,
I accept,
Half the shadow lurks beneath the dark
Cannot diminish the fire I glow,
Yes, I do not deny you, my evil soul
I find peace in both hell and heaven's flow.
Tribhu Nov 2018
This hell I live in is so beautiful.
I can plunge a sword into my heart
Yet still be alive!
I can shred my skin into pieces
As blood flows,
So does the tears through helpless eyes.
I'm despised in me,
I carry the demons spree,
Heaven is so far away,
Maybe hell is my only destiny!
Fighting depression is a phase we all go through. Some alone, some along with their loved ones. But we all do get through it and survive eventually.
Tribhu Nov 2018
I think I fall in love
With half the face of yours
While the other half hides behind the dark,
Like a veil has fallen over your flaws
Concealing your pitch black heart.
Let me paint your soul on my empty hearted canvas,
And I'll let you fill my heart
With every shade of darkness you bleed.
Tribhu Nov 2018
I'm afraid of myself
It's like a never ending feeling
Drowning me with hatred and vice.
I'm afraid of my mind
'Cause the thoughts won't go away
Tormenting me every moment that passes by.
I'm afraid of this soul that claims to be inside of me,
Is it dark? Is it poisoned?
Why is it so hard to breathe?
I'm afraid of me
I might wreck all the possibilities,
I might destroy the loved ones I have,
I might end up to be the monster I never wanted to be.
Tribhu Oct 2018
Yes, I'm a dreamer of thousand dreams.
I don't settle for one vision but I love to explore what's in front of me.
Yes, I'm as free as the abundant sky above us.
I fly off to wherever I want and I see how the color changes all around me; just like the evening sky.
And I'm an observer of thousand faces.
I read their minds and I try to understand their perspective even though they seem so strange,
So wrong,
So wonderful
Or maybe so dark.
I'm a withering soul.
I blend in within the crowd and I see the misery in their eyes.
The desperation is killing them
Yet that's what they call living life to the fullest.
Believe me, I'm a human.
And I bleed, too.
Even though the obstacles of life is wrecking me,
I still find my way through.
I'm what all of you are
I'm what all of you desire to be.
I'm the dream,
I'm the sky,
I'm as tired as all of you,
Yet today, I choose not to die.
Being human is never enough. We are everything we always desire to be, no matter what it is...
Tribhu Oct 2018
Oh! You're a dilemma,
Left untouched,
Pages covered in dust.
If I wish to tear off these sorrows
I only hold them closer, thinking maybe tomorrow.
And if I wish to burn thy pages
I burn myself instead,
Oh, it's been ages!
Should I cover you with flowers?
Or should I bury you deep beneath the ground?
If you'll ever be lost,
Can you never be found?
If I let you go by mistake
Won't you ever come back?
If I wreck my withered soul,
Will this red rose turn into the rose of black?
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