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  May 2015 Thoughtskeeper
there are two different kinds of people in this world.

me and you.

but guess what, there are two simillar kinds of people in this world.

me and you.
Thoughtskeeper Mar 2015
Imagine your eyes speaking.
Are you one of those blind followers?
One of those who just let their eyes see good to feel good? Avoiding injustice, poverty, sadness, racism. Imagine what your eyes would tell you.
Thoughtskeeper Mar 2015
So many things in my head.
Have no place left for school.
So many ideas in my head.
Have no possibility to start doing something.
So many wishes in my head.
Have no one telling me you can do this.

So many things I wanna say.
Have no one to talk to..
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
Mostly I think about the world.

Religion and culture.
Freedom and peace.
Equality and Racism.
The world system.
School system.
The ****** system.
People who **** eachother.
Heartless people.

Heartless people like you.

Sometimes I still think of you.
Think about what we could be
in this mostly cruel world..
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
I wanna go camping with you.
Wanna run away
and make love.

Make love tenderly with you
while we are lying under the moonlight..
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
Tell me baby
When will I see
you again ?

When will I see
us again..
Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
And now you're living
your little life miles away from me
with a girl you just met a few
weeks ago.

Living a whole new love
which isn't comparable
to what we had.

Not comparable to any love.
And you know that.

And I know that someday
you will come back.
Telling me that we were perfect
and that you're sorry.

But than I will be living
my little life miles away from you.
With a boy I just met after all those
years, in which you weren't
by my side.
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