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I can't sleep.
Not now.

I dream while I'm awake and get nightmares in my sleep.

I live in a dream world. It's one I can visit without having to close my eyes.

Perhaps it's insane.

But it's happy.

Insanely happy.

Are you happy?
I close my eyes.
I remember the day.
My heart barren and dry.

I caught a glimpse of happiness in your eyes. In your smile.
It was the first time I believed that maybe I could be happy too.
It was the day you set my heart's dry landscape combusting into flames.

                                     You promised me you’d stay.
                                                           ­ …

I tried to hold on! I did!
But every memory of your scent, your soul, your touch, melted through the gaps in my clutched fist.
reduced to ash.
Just like the rest of me.
The flames. Still burning, but aimlessly, searching every inch of my being for you.

But there was              

to be found in an evacuated heart.

You watched...
From a distance.
Your smile no longer recognizable to me, as the insatiable flames grasped and clawed its way through my soul.

Then, it stopped. Your fire, suffocating itself to sleep.

. It was done.
..   I opened my eyes. and saw
.....   from the ash of what used to be,
A brave soul sprouting...
Life after destruction. There can be no new beginning until there has been an end.
Why do we cling to the questions that bear no answer?
Why do we push away the one's we care for?
Why do we live free, but die slaves?
Why is this life, not enough?
Why am I not enough?
Our faded photographs,
Our faded memories,
I'm a sentimental
10W Poetry
 Sep 2015 Thoughtskeeper
There are people tired of life. From kinder-garden a child is destined to be endlessly obliged to "do" . Early mornings. Vegetables. Silent hour. "Be quite". Cups. Early mornings. English and painting. School. Early mornings. Lessons, Homework. Exams. Exams again. University. Early mornings.  Lectures. Exams. Work, if you are lucky(??).Early mornings. Conference. Planning meetings. Rush tasks.
"Be diligent" they say, u can rest later. Ye, sure, bang your head on the wall. Be "successful" "Effective people". Do you know about them? - Worked out your potential and bye-bye. No one cares. We don't care about caring. Not enough time sorry, someone else will care.  Study hard, work harder, plan the life, you 'll need it. Or you do not? Not?I think you need.
Classic of genre.  Couple highest educations. Lucky marriage. Successful career and respectful job. Apartment. Car. Holidays  somewhere where u'd like to be longer but u cant, because u are too successful.
System?"**** the system" ,- repeat it more often. System is you , system is me and even a guy who leaves  sarcastic comments, pretending that he is smart ****-face. We are system. No one else knows how to ***** ourselves up better than us. And so we do. No one bather. Too busy being successful. Yeah, **** us.
Feelings?Um yeah, please, a tiny bit on the top of  my career. Love ,- what the hell is that?I do not know , have red sometimes in the books. Never met, never heard. Do not be ridiculous. Affection only towards the family and career. All he rest has to be "comfortable". As friends are becoming useful "connection". When was the last time u called someone without reason and said "Hello"?
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