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 Jun 2018 Timothy

Whats the point in giving my heart away
Whats the point of giving it to a boy who wont stay
A boy that is full of lies and deceit
A boy that somehow I found to be sweet

What is it about the dangerous and the bad
The hurt, the broken and all of the cheats
What is it about them that draws us in
What is it that causes our hearts to skip a beat

Though they lie, manipulate
We fall for their traps
Too perfectly set up
There are no gaps

Our hearts are drawn in
Its so perfect and right
Sweet whispers in the air
Cold kiss of the night

Within their dark and stormy eyes
We see our reflection
They hold the same hurt, Same pain
The desperate need for affection
Though these feeling are in vain

We can fix them, Help them
We can be the one who changes their ways
And there we are trapped
imprisoned within that deceitful gaze

Intoxicated by sugar coated words
convincing ourselves we want nothing more
That we are more then just any other girl
That we can feel their love deep within our core

It takes time and pain to realise the truth
The harsh, cruel reality that knocks on our door
Just a game to them, it was never anything more
To them we are no different to a common *****

Suffering in silence, crying a flood of tears
Then being filled with anger, the rage and the fears
Questioning ourself worth as we thought we knew better
But all of these feelings just seem to bring them pleasure

A never ending cycle of victims and pain
Hopefully karma catches up to them one day
As too many have fallen as they decided to play
To All have been enslaved within this Sadistic game
 Jun 2018 Timothy
Can you see me?
I’m here, standing
Right behind the lovely
Facade you love so much.

I’m screaming, sobbing
Pleading for you to see me,
And yet your gaze falls
Directly on my lying smile.

Why don’t you notice? All the signs are there.
My mask is cracked and open and bare
And I have to wonder if you really don’t care.

I just want you to notice
To find solace in your warm embrace
To find comfort in your words
To feel safe to be myself.

But the mask still stands,
And I sit here in agony
Crumpled, praying
For you to notice
Was gonna edit this a little, but I like the way it’s come out straight from my head.
 Jun 2018 Timothy
Ashly Kocher
I can't believe it's been this long
13 years since you have been gone
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you
And treasure the memories we have of you
Even though you were gone before we said "I do"
I still consider you my family too
My father in law you will always be
Forever and always will be with me
123 I close my eyes, count‘til nine
456 you run and hide
789 I open my eyes
To run after you
And seek where you are

One, I made step to left
Two, heads where found
Three, words collided
Four, I reassured
Five, I knew it was you
Six, I saw you kissing her
Seven, I cried
Eight, I run and
Nine, a deafeningly bang aired
And I disappeared

Like Hide and Seek
Count 123 and you’ll see
One broken heart
Two foolish hearts
and three reasons I die.
 Jun 2018 Timothy
Nat Lipstadt
this kids,
is how you do it

in the mid of the dark hours,
when two am is your new oldest friend
when sleep, your oldest old one,
left town on the midnight train,
taking your peace of mind

though she is far away
lost in dream-thoughts caught,
but only twelve inches close,
granting you an unasked permission,
you ok to stroke her hair,
undisturbing her, yet comforting yourself,
every voice in your temple'd altar praying,
one glorious chorus godly chant:

Oh Lord, what would I do without her?

and you stroke her hair and are saved.


May 2014
they say
that each person you know
knows a person
and if you travel those links
you have connections
to everyone
it takes
a maximum of six steps
six "friends of a friend"
to know anyone in the world
but that's not how
i want to know you
i don't want to be separated
i want to be by your side
but that's not how
things seem to be working out
you're so close
but so far away
and for that
i'm sorry
 Mar 2018 Timothy
 Mar 2018 Timothy
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Youllneverunderstand me
 Mar 2018 Timothy
Sandra Macacua
People will betray you.
Some closest to you will leave you.
No one will care about you.
Everything around you will change.

You will cry.
Your heart will be broken.
You will be lost at some point in
your life.
You will fail over and over again.

But then you will wake up one day
and realize that those things happens
to everyone.
And no matter what you go through,
the truth is, life must go on.
You just have to keep moving forward.
If there's a darkness, there's a light too.

— The End —