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Looking at yesterday
I see the memories we shared
The laughter that our heart shouts
And the love that our eyes reflect
But remembering those moments
Make my tears fall
For my mind believe
That all of these memories
Were just a show
To fool me around.
123 I close my eyes, count‘til nine
456 you run and hide
789 I open my eyes
To run after you
And seek where you are

One, I made step to left
Two, heads where found
Three, words collided
Four, I reassured
Five, I knew it was you
Six, I saw you kissing her
Seven, I cried
Eight, I run and
Nine, a deafeningly bang aired
And I disappeared

Like Hide and Seek
Count 123 and you’ll see
One broken heart
Two foolish hearts
and three reasons I die.

— The End —